How To Design A Perfect Feed Formula For Broilers

How To Design A Perfect Feed Formula For Broilers

News Posted: 4/14/2020 3:22:47 AM

Broiler feed and chicken feed shall contain energy feed, protein feed, and mineral feed, vitamins, and additives. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional pellet making machine manufacturer. This article will tell us how to design a perfect formula, and how to allocate the proportion of each ingredient according to nutritional requirements.

According to the characteristics of the feed, the common feed for broilers can divide into energy feed, protein feed, vitamin feed, mineral feed, and special additives feed. Feed pellet machine is dispensable equipment to make animal feed pellets.

Energy Feed

  1. corn: It is one of the most important energy feeds for broilers. Rich in starch and crude fat. When formulating the diet, the amount of corn generally accounts for 40% to 70% of the diet.
  2. broken rice: It is the broken grain rice screened in rice processing. The starch content is high, the crude fiber content is low, and it is easy to digest. Its nutritional value is similar to that of corn, and the dosage is about 30% to 50% of the diet.
  3. wheat: High nutritional value, energy content close to corn, more protein content, amino acid than other cereals, vitamin B is also very rich, palatability is good, the amount of easierto stick chicken mouth and affect feeding. It can generally account for 10% to 25% of the diet.
  4. barley: It contains 15% to 20% of the skin, the energy is about 75% of the corn, the crude fiber content is 3 times higher than the corn can account for 10% to 15% of the diet.
  5. rice bran: It is a by-product of rice processing, mainly composed of skin and rice embryo. Its crude fat, crude protein,and crude fiber content are higher than rice, rich in vitamin B, often used as auxiliary materials, the amount should not be too much, generally accounting for 8% to 10% of the diet.
  6. 6. wheat bran: It is a by-product of wheat processing. It contains crude protein, vitamin B,and manganese, etc., has a laxative effect, the dosage should not be too large, the general broiler dosage does not exceed 8%.

Protein Feed

Protein feed can divide into plant protein feed and animal protein feed. Plant protein feeds such as bean cake, peanut cake, cottonseed cake, rapeseed cake, and so on. Animal protein feed such as fish meal, blood meal, meat and bone meal, feather meal, silkworm cocoon, and other processing by-products.

  1. bean cake: A by-product of soybean oil processing from soybean oil. Beancake contains more than 40% protein, ranking first in plant protein feed, and is rich in lysine, with high nutritional value, generally accounting for 15% to 20% of the diet.
  2. 2. cottonseed cake: its protein content is second only to the bean cake, up to 30% to 35%, but it should not be used simply as a dietary plant protein feed, because of the lack of lysine. The amount can not exceed10% of the diet, because the cottonseed cake contains gossypol, too much feeding can cause poisoning.
  3. 3. rapeseed cake: 25% to 30% crude protein, low lysine content, higher methionine content than bean cake, but the rapeseed cake contains mustard enzyme. Which can promote the decomposition of sinapinic acid intotoxic substances, so the amount of feed should not be too much, generally less than 5%.
  4. 4. Fish meal: It has high nutritional value and comprehensive amino acid content. The crude protein content of high-quality fishmeal is higher than 60%, the salt content is less than 2%, and the water content is below 12%. Fishmeal can generally be used in an amount of 5% to 12% of the diet.
  5. 5. Blood powder: It is a brown powder feed made by cooking, pressing and drying the blood of animals. The crude protein content is as high as 70%-80%, rich in lysine, but lacks methionine, cystine and isoleucine, and has low solubility. It is not easy to digest, and has poor palatability. It should be mixed with other protein feeds. Not more than 3% of the diet is appropriate.

Green Feed

Due to the high moisture content of fresh green and green feed, the dosage should not be too large, so as to avoid causing squatting and affecting fattening of broilers. Green leaves, grass leaves, etc. are dried and pulverized to become high-quality grass powder or leaf powder, such as alfalfa powder, eucalyptus leaf powder, etc. are good vitamin supplement feeds, generally accounting for 2% to 5% of the diet.

Mineral Feed

When the mineral content in natural feed is insufficient, or when some elements are unbalanced, attention should be paid to replenishing the mineral feed in the diet, especially for high-yield broiler breeders and broilers with fast-growing growth. Should pay attention to supplement. The commonly used mineral feeds are mainly the following:

  1. stone powder: Calcium content is 35% to 38%. The dosage generally accounts for 1% to 3% of the diet, and the broiler breeder can reach 5%.
  2. shell powder: Containing about 38% of calcium, often used as feed for calcium supplementation. It usually accounts for 1% to 3% of the diet, and up to 5% of the broiler breeders during the laying period.
  3. 3. salt: In the preparation of the diet according to the actual salt content in the feed, and then consider the amount of salt added to avoid excessive or insufficient salt. The general dosage does not exceed 0.38% of the diet.

Additive Feed

In order to promote the normal growth of broilers, prevent the disease, increase the yield and economic benefits. In modern broiler breeding, the use of additives such as amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, antibiotics, antioxidants, antifungal agents. The types and dosages to add should determine according to actual needs. For example, in most feed diets, vitamins and trace elements are incomplete. It should note that appropriate proportions of multivitamins and trace element additives should add, generally accounting for 0.05% to 0% of the diet. It is often rainy and humid in summer, often with anti-fungal agents and antioxidants. Add the additive to the feed and mix well and mix well. Before the broiler is marketed, the feed should not contain any drugs.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery provides complete feed pellet prodcution line for chicken feed, and also we will provide perfect feed formula to customer for reference.

How To Design A Perfect Feed Formula For Broilers


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