How to detect the particle size of white corundum

How to detect the particle size of white corundum

Article Posted: 1/18/2021 9:42:25 PM

(1) Screening method. Advantages: simple, intuitive, low equipment cost, often used for samples larger than 40um. Disadvantages: The results are greatly affected by human factors and screen hole deformation.


(2) Microscope method. Advantages: simple, intuitive, morphological analysis can be performed, suitable for samples with narrow distribution (the ratio of the maximum and minimum particle size is less than 10:1). fused alumina suppliers Disadvantages: Poor representativeness, it is troublesome to analyze samples with a wide distribution range, and it is impossible to analyze samples less than 1um.


(3) Settlement method. Advantages: the operation is gradual, the instrument can run continuously, the price is low, the accuracy and repeatability are better, and the test range is wider. Disadvantages: The test time is longer and the operation is cumbersome.


(4) Resistance method. Advantages: The number of particles can be measured by the operation gradient, the equivalent concept is clear, the speed is fast, and the accuracy is good. Disadvantages: It is not suitable for measuring particle samples smaller than 0.1um, and it is troublesome to replace small-hole tubes for samples with wide particle size distribution.


(5) Laser method. Advantages: simple operation, fast test speed, wide test range, good repeatability and accuracy, and can be used for online measurement and dry measurement. Disadvantages: The result is greatly affected by the distribution model, the instrument is expensive, and the resolution is low.


(6) Electron microscope method. Advantages: suitable for testing ultra-new particles and even nanoparticles, high resolution, morphology and structure analysis can be performed, disadvantages: few samples, poor representativeness, measurement is easily affected by human factors, and the instrument is expensive.


(7) Photoresistance method. Advantages: The test is convenient and fast, can measure the number of particles in liquid or gas, and has high resolution. Disadvantages: Not suitable for samples with a particle size of less than 1umde. The system is more particular. It is only suitable for measuring dust, pollutants or diluted drugs, and not much for general powders.


(8) Ventilation method. Advantages: low instrument price. There is no need to disperse the sample, and the powder can be measured. Disadvantages: Only the average particle size value can be obtained, the particle size distribution cannot be measured; the fine powder smaller than 5um cannot be measured.

How to detect the particle size of white corundum


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