How To Ensure The Hardness Of The Pellets During The Straw Pellet Machine Production Process

How To Ensure The Hardness Of The Pellets During The Straw Pellet Machine Production Process

News Posted: 1/14/2020 1:29:51 AM

Straw pellet machine is a kind of equipment that can transform some agricultural waste into new fuel or feed pellets, which not only solves the problem of agricultural residues but also provides a new development direction for new energy. However, in the process of using the straw pellet machine, we have requirements on the quality of the straw pellets made through this machine.

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How To Ensure The Hardness Of The Pellets During The Straw Pellet Machine Production Process

We all know that when the feed processing machinery is in production, it is often affected by many factors. Which will jointly determine the quality of the products produced. In the production of straw pellet machines, since hardness is an important indicator of the quality of straw pellets, we generally require that the hardness of the pellets meet a standard. So, what factors will restrict the hardness of straw pellets?  

Straw Pellet Machine Production Process

Therefore, we must start with the production process. In the production of straw granulators, there is a relatively important process, which is steam conditioning. The effect of steam conditioning often determines the internal structure and appearance quality of the pellets. Steam quality and quenching time are two important factors that affect the quenching effect. Because high-quality dry and saturated steam can emit more heat to increase the temperature of the material and make the starch gelatinize. Then the longer the quenching time, the higher the degree of starch gelatinization, which will make the granular structure more compact and firm after molding. Therefore, the better the stability, the higher the hardness.

Raw Materials For Pellets

In addition, it should consider the perspective of raw materials. For example, a single raw material may not have the same hardness as the pellets formed after processing the mixture. Because after mixing the raw materials, it can ensure a more uniform distribution of different pellet sizes, which is more helpful to make the hardness of the straw pellet machine consistent.  

Except that, the consideration of moisture is also an aspect. If the moisture content of about 1% to 2% added during the production process of the straw pellet machine, the stability of the pellet feed will significantly improve, so the hardness of the pellets made will also improve. However, when adding water, be sure to control the appropriate amount according to the actual situation.

How To Ensure The Hardness Of The Pellets During The Straw Pellet Machine Production Process


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