How To Improve Feed Mixing Machine Efficiency

How To Improve Feed Mixing Machine Efficiency

News Posted: 8/28/2019 6:21:02 AM

The mixer is a kind of convection or shearing or separation mixing to make the materials mix evenly. It is a new type of industrial machinery for mixing materials in different industries, such as Chinese medicine, feed industry. And widely used in daily life.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional feed mixing machine manufacturer, this article will introduce how to improve mixer efficiency in detail.

Type Of Feed Mixing Machine

At present, the mixed equipment on the market includes the ribbon mixer, vertical mixer, U-type mixer, and biaxial high-efficiency horizontal mixer. No matter what kind of mixer, the structure is different and its functions are different. For mixer users, the quality, uniformity, and efficiency of the mixed materials are the main concerns. And efficiency is the most attention. Therefore, improving the efficiency of the mixer is the key to the success of the mixed equipment in the market.

Model Selection Of The Feed Mixing Machine

When choosing a mixer, you should pay attention to the choice of the model. The efficiency of the mixer largely determined the manufacturing accuracy of the equipment and the operating efficiency of the fuselage. When selecting the model of the mixer, the user should first have a certain understanding of the characteristics of the product and the special requirements, and how to achieve the mixing effect. So as to match the paddle structure, equipment characteristics, and functions of the mixer. Find the perfect model that meets your requirements.

The quality of the mixing largely determined the structure and manufacturing quality of the mixer. For example, the width of the inner and outer ring belts of the horizontal mixer is unreasonable. Which will accumulate the materials to one end, affecting the mixing time and mixing uniformity. The structure is unreasonable, which may cause dead spots of materials. The poor welding quality of the struts, rings, shafts, and so on, easy to hang materials.

Characteristics Of The Materials Mix Composition

Understand the characteristics of the material mix composition. Different blends are made for the characteristics of the different blends. Mainly refers to the specific gravity, particle size, the surface roughness of the particles, moisture, spalling, agglomeration and components of the pellets. The smaller the difference in these physical properties, the better the mixing effect. The more difficult it is to separate again after mixing, the smaller the proportion of a component in the mixture, that is, the larger the dilution ratio, the less likely it is to mix. In order to reduce the re-separation after mixing, a viscous liquid component such as molasses may add near completion to reduce the scatter property and thereby reduce the separation.

In addition, for finer-grained materials, special attention should pay to the sealing of the mixing equipment, while paying attention to the residual amount. For example, when mixing powdery materials with a biaxial gravity mixer, it is best to use a 90°full-length large-opening door, a spray self-cleaning system, a slanting discharge door, and a shaft end gas seal structure. It is good to ensure sealing and reduce the residue. It also recommended using the upper bag air to replace the return air pipe, so as to prevent the fine flour from being sprayed out from the return air pipe when mixing.

Standard Equipment Operation

Perform standardized equipment operation. When the operator runs a certain mixing device, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the market condition of the product, the production process, the operation and attention of the equipment, and the emergency treatment, especially the training and practice of the operation and emergency measures of the equipment. Good operating practices can improve mixing efficiency and improve product quality. For example, in the order of the employees in the feeding process. The components with a large proportion should put into the machine first, or most of them enter the machine, and then a small amount and a small number of components placed on top. That is, placed in an easily dispersible.  At the same time, the trace components agglomerated in one place and not easily dispersed quickly, which affects further mixing.

In addition to the above points, after the end of the operation of the mixer equipment, it is necessary to do the relevant maintenance work. Which has a certain effect on improving the service life of the mixer and the mixing efficiency of the next material mixing. In summary, the improvement of mixing efficiency requires efforts in terms of machine quality, material characteristics, operating specifications, and necessary maintenance repair. Only by taking every level can we guarantee the high quality and efficient production of our products.


How To Improve Feed Mixing Machine Efficiency


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