How To Improve The Yield Of Catfish Floating Fish Feed Machine On Sale

How To Improve The Yield Of Catfish Floating Fish Feed Machine On Sale

News Posted: 11/29/2019 2:08:15 AM

Catfish is a freshwater fish that likes to be active and eating at night. It spends most of the day sleeping and resting, contrary to people's living habits. Catfish eats delicious, market prices are relatively high, so many farmers have found a business opportunity. More and more people are starting to raise catfish. How should catfish be raised for high yield?

Fish feed machine is an indispensable machinery to make fish feed pellets, Zhengzhou Fusmar Machienry is a professional fish feed machine manufacturer.

The Water Quality Requirements

Catfish growing environment is fresh water, so the water quality of clean or not directly affect the growth of catfish. In order to ensure clean and tidy water quality, every half a month will be a change of water. The water quality is guaranteed, so is the health of the catfish. Always observe the change of water quality after change the water, if the color of the water is green and yellow is that the water quality is normal, do not need to change. But if found to have catfish began to jump out of the water, is that the oxygen content in water quality is too low, catfish in water has been unable to guarantee their normal breathing. So jump out of the water for a breath, this time must change all the water immediately, regardless of the inside of the water injection for a few days.

If the weather is hot or rainy, low pressure in the air can also cause catfish to have difficulty breathing. So you can put oxygen blocks or other oxygenating substances into the pond or tank to improve the oxygen content of the pond.

Feeding Manage

Catfish are omnivorous animals, but also particularly greedy, as long as you feed the feeds, they will rush up to rob to eat, don't know whether to eat or not eat, as long as you feed it to eat. Therefore, in order to avoid these silly fish are support dead, we must control in feeding the feed quantity, not too many feeding. But also cannot little, if feed little, catfish not enough feeds to eat, it will become thin.  

So we need to increase the number of feeding. Separating the area to feed, to prevent some catfish did not eat enough, some have almost died. In the catfish fry period, bait to meat based, and then as the catfish slowly grow in size, slowly into vegetarian feed. Different feed varieties should be fed according to different growth stages. In order to avoid the occurrence of disease in the breeding, it also treat some of the fish disease drug admixture in the bait to feed catfish, can play a good preventive treatment. If anything possible, we can choose a fish feed production line machine to make fish feed pellets by yourself.

Harvest Time

If the feeding scale and management methods are reasonable, then the catfish will be fed for about three months when you can harvest, choose the big to catch, small let it continue to grow.

The way of harvesting is also simple, simply draining the pond and harvesting with nets or fish cages with feed. After picking out the big catfish, and then fill the pond with water, along with a disinfection treatment. Then according to the fish pond in the appropriate number of fish in a batch of fry into it, and in two or three months can be the next batch of harvest.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery as a professional fish feed machine manufacturer, with years of experience in production and sales, we provided machines are welcomed by customers.

How To Improve The Yield Of Catfish Floating Fish Feed Machine On Sale


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