How To Make Fish Feed Pellets With Fish Feed Pellet Machine

How To Make Fish Feed Pellets With Fish Feed Pellet Machine

News Posted: 4/8/2020 2:12:05 AM

Fish feed pellet is an important guarantee to promote aquaculture development towards the direction of high efficiency, energy-saving, high yield, and environmental protection. It can promote the healthy and rapid growth of fish and provide consumers with high-quality pollution-free commercial fish. The fish feed pellet machine widely used in aquaculture, grain feed processing plants, livestock farms, poultry farms, individual farmers, fish feed production equipment farms, and feed processing factories. 

Since the fish feed pellets are so good and bring such great changes to the fish farming industry, then it also puts forward new requirements for the management of our fish farming.

  1. Fish feed pellets have changed the feeding habits of fish. All fish have been rushed to the surface and a new competition order has emerged. Therefore, the stocking model should highlight the main breeds to reduce the effect of feeding competition between species on fish growth.
  2. Fish feed pellets can increase the unit fish production, but due to the huge amount of feed, the excretion of fish metabolites increases sharply. This causes huge pressure on the self-purifying circulation of water, so this higher requirement is put on the water quality management of fish farmers.
  3. Fish feed pellets are fully nutritious, which maximizes the growth potential of fish, greatly shortens the breeding cycle, and is convenient for listing in each season. Therefore, it recommended that fish farmers should arrange production plans reasonably, tap the production capacity of ponds, and cater to market conditions.
  4. Fish feed pellets have a high value, so it is necessary to improve feeding skills, determine and adjust the feeding rate, choose the number of feedings, grasp the feeding speed, use and adjust the feeding machinery, etc. Fish farmers must understand. Therefore, fish farming is not only a labor job but also a technical job. Fish farmers should study hard.
  5. In addition, the requirements for the conditions of the pond have also been changed. The more open water can increase the wind light, make the fish have more space for activity, and improve the health of the fish.

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How To Make Fish Feed Pellets With Fish Feed Pellet Machine


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