How To Make Poultry Feed Pellet Animal Feed Mill On Sale

How To Make Poultry Feed Pellet Animal Feed Mill On Sale

News Posted: 9/18/2019 9:05:26 PM

Animal feed pellet is use mixed feed or single feed into granular feed through animal feed mill. It's cylindrical, there are different sizes depending on the type of feeding poultry. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional animal feed mill manufacturer, this aritcle will introduce how to make poultry feed pellet in detail.

How To Make Feed Pellets

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery provides a full set of animal feed production line, the following to introduce the animal feed production method.

  1. Accurate formula and precise ingredients.According to the nutritional needs of poultry, feed formula should be reasonably prepared. In the process, strictly according to the amount of various raw materials added for accurate weighing.
  2. Pay attention to the pellet size. The main purpose of crushing all kinds of seed and block feeds such as corn and bean cakes in the formula is to reduce the chewing of poultry, increase the contact surface between feed and digestive fluid, and thus improve the digestibility of feed nutrients. Chicken feed grinding is generally required through the diameter of 1 mm below the screen.
  3. Mix well.Mixing the pulverized raw materials and other raw materials in the formula according to the proportion of the formula into the mixer, and mix each batch for 3 ~ 5 minutes. The mixture is now a powder feed. After grinding dry powder material can not be directly fed poultry, because dry powder material palatability is poor, and the loss of waste is serious, generally dry powder material mixed with water after wet feed. Add water to stir should grasp the water, water is not too big, not too small. General dry humidity control in a grasp with the hand can pinch into a group, let go after loose and spread out is advisable. Wet material should mix and feed immediately, otherwise easy to cause corruption and deterioration.
  4. Shape properly. After mixing the powder feed, through the comprehensive treatment of the steam, heat and pressure of the powder feed into granule material by poultry feed production machines, starch gelatinization and curing. This can improve the palatability of feed, improve nutrient digestibility, avoid picky eating of poultry, increase intake, particle feed diameter is generally 3 ~ 5 mm.
  5. Maintain the relative stability of feed.Pay attention to the ratio of protein to energy to ensure the intake of protein and keep the crude fiber content in the feed below 5%. The relative stability of feed should be maintained. If changes are necessary, they should be made gradually, otherwise they will affect the growth of poultry.

How To Make Green Plant Feed

There are abundant green plant feed resources, including herbage, leaf, vegetable and crop straw. It has many advantages such as low cost, high benefit, low investment, quick effect, wide source, easy processing, good nutrition and grain saving, etc. This paper introduces the production and feeding methods of several green plant feeds:

  1. Basic stock for livestock. Take corn straw, straw, peanut vine, sweet potato vine as the main raw materials to make this kind of green plant feed. This kind of feed is the basic material of herbivorous animals, mainly used for raising cows, beef cattle and herbivorous fish. Feed can add 40%~60% of the total amount of feed, or all feed to feed. Adding about 40% corn straw meal or straw meal to fish feed can reduce the feed cost by half.
  2. Feed additives.Take the fresh and tender corn straw, ryegrass, alfalfa, peanut leaves, sweet potato leaves, jatropha leaves as the main raw materials. This kind of green plant feed belongs to the pollution-free type additive, because it is processed when fresh and tender, it is rich in nutrition, and can replace some additives in the feed, which has a good effect on promoting the development of livestock and poultry.

Feed livestock, poultry and fish at the proportion of 50% of the total feed, the price is less than half that of corn, but the content of amino acid, vitamin and crude protein is 1~3 times higher than corn, the average grain saving is 40%~50%, and the feeding cost is reduced by 30%.

In order to meet the requirement of customers, Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery not only provides a full set of animal feed pellet production line, but also provides a single machine in the production process.

How To Make Poultry Feed Pellet Animal Feed Mill On Sale


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