How to Process Chicken Manure into Fish Feed Pellets

How to Process Chicken Manure into Fish Feed Pellets

News Posted: 4/13/2020 2:16:03 AM

Our company Fusmar manufactured fish feed pellet machine, welcome to visit our website and inquiry machine details. This article will introduce how to process chicken manure into fish feed pellets.

Why Make Fish Feed Pellets From Chicken Manure

The chicken manure contains sprinking chicken feed, dander, feather, a slight of broken eggs and undigested feed as well as unabsorbed nutrients. According to the research, crude protein accounts for 30~33% in the dry chicken manure, more than half of which is uric acid, so the chicken manure is the good feed for fish and the ideal material for making fish feed pellets.

Using chicken manure to make fish feed pellets can reduce the feeding cost and form a good ecological cycle between chicken and fish farming. While, the raw chicken manure is not suitable for feeding fish directly because of containing parasitic ovum, some toxic substance, and germs. Only after the treatment of professional leavening agent can the manure be non-toxic and nutrient-rich fish feed.

Fish Feed Making Process

  1. Mix the chicken manure (accounts for about 50%) with proportional corn flour, bean cake, rape seed cake,and wheat bran.
  2. Add a certain amount of leavening agent to the mixture (the leavening agent can be diluted with water in advance to be mixed easily and evenly with materials.)
  3. Adjust the moisture content to be about 60 %( a simple judging method: grasp the material firmly, and then it can clump; let it go and it can break up.)
  4. Put the material into a plastic bag or pond which can be sealed. You can get better result to pour human and animal excreta on the fungus chaff.
  5. Cover the mixture with plastic film to make it ferment for 3-7days (a little longer in winter)
  6. When the chicken manure become yellow green and send out not stink but tartness like wine (the longer the fermentation, the stronger the winey smell), the fermentation is finished.
  7. Put the fermented chicken manure into the fish feed extruder, then you can get nutrient-rich and uniform fish feed pellets.

The feed cost for every kilogram fish is only 0.15-0.20 yuan with this fish feed pellets, while it is 0.30-0.40 yuan with common feed pellets at present. So, feeding fish on this chicken manure feed pellet can reduce the feed cost by more than 50%.  

Hope this article can help you know more about the fish feed pellet machine, if you want to build your own fish feed production line, please contact us.

How to Process Chicken Manure into Fish Feed Pellets


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