How to use activated carbon to remove turbidity in low alcohol Baijiu

How to use activated carbon to remove turbidity in low alcohol Baijiu

Article Posted: 1/18/2021 9:41:31 PM

In the production of low-alcohol liquor, the solubility of higher fatty acids, higher fatty acid ethyl esters, and other higher fatty acid esters in the liquor is reduced due to the lowering of the liquor, making the wine body appear milky and turbid, showing a phenomenon of loss of gloss. The key to the production of low-alcohol liquor is to remove the precipitation in the low-alcohol liquor and maintain the flavor of the original liquor.


Although there are many methods for removing turbidity, such as freezing method, starch method, resin method, anticoagulant method, calcium phosphate method, crystalline cellulose method, special activated carbon method for wine, etc., the effect of activated carbon method for wine is better for comprehensive comparison. yongruida activated charcoal pellets The loss of ethyl caproate in luzhou-flavored low-alcohol liquor is a key indicator that affects the flavor of the wine. Different activated carbons have different adsorption of ethyl caproate.


According to measurement, the molecular diameter of ethyl caproate is 14. If activated carbon with a pore size of 14-20 is used to remove the precipitate in the low-alcohol liquor, ethyl caproate will enter the micropores and be adsorbed, which will damage the flavor of the low-alcohol liquor.


Only use special alcoholic charcoal with a pore diameter greater than 20, and its micropores become channels for ethyl caproate, and the carbon will not adsorb ethyl caproate. This is why the special charcoal for alcoholic beverages can absorb sediments, keep the low-alcohol liquor at a low temperature and not lose its luster, and can also maintain the original flavor of the Luzhou-flavored liquor.


In addition, use activated carbon with a pore size of less than 14, although ethyl acetate cannot enter the micropores and will not lose ethyl acetate, but because the carbon has fewer macropores, it has less adsorption of higher fatty acid ethyl esters and higher fatty acids with large ionic radius. It is necessary to increase the amount of charcoal to ensure that the low temperature does not lose its luster, which invisibly increases the processing cost of one ton of wine, which is not desirable for wine processing enterprises.


For the fresh-flavor liquor, because the molecular diameter of the main acetoacetate is 6.7, the range of activated carbon is wider, and the loss of ethyl acetate is also small. However, it should be noted that for any kind of activated carbon, its pore size distribution is very wide, not absolute, and various pore sizes exist at the same time.

How to use activated carbon to remove turbidity in low alcohol Baijiu


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