Industrial use of powdered activated carbon

Industrial use of powdered activated carbon

Article Posted: 1/5/2021 1:34:09 AM

The appearance of powdered activated carbon is black powder, odorless and tasteless. It is made of high-quality fruit shells and wood chips as raw materials, and then carbonized and activated.activated carbon granule manufacturer It has super adsorption capacity and decolorization capacity, and low impurity quality. It is suitable for oil, resin, citric acid, cystine, glucose, sucrose, maltose, chemical products and other industries. It can remove the color and improve the purity of the product.


Powdered activated carbon can also be used for industrial deodorization and odor removal. The following safety items should be avoided during use:


  1. Avoid open flames, sparks, smoking in the workshop, etc., because the powdered activated carbon is a tiny dust. When the dust reaches a certain concentration, it will explode when exposed to an open flame.


  1. When using powdered activated carbon, the operator should wear a dust mask. Because the powdered activated carbon particles are small, it is very light and easy to inhale the lungs through the respiratory tract, so you must wear a dust mask during the operation to avoid inhaling In the lungs.


  1. When storing powdered activated carbon, choose a dry place to avoid moisture and agglomeration, and do not mix it with other chemicals, especially oxidants.


Powdered activated carbon has two types of products: wood and coal. Choose the appropriate product according to the process of treating sewage. buy powdered activated carbon  A variety of activated carbons used in sewage treatment and air purification, columnar activated carbon, honeycomb activated carbon, granular activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon, powdered activated carbon and other activated carbon products.

 Industrial use of powdered activated carbon


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