Method to distinguish coal based columnar activated carbon in water treatment

Method to distinguish coal based columnar activated carbon in water treatment

Article Posted: 12/17/2020 2:33:31 AM

Now there is a kind of (soil charcoal, desulfurization charcoal) on the market. This activated carbon is different from the real tar coal-based columnar activated carbon. The high iodine value of the soil charcoal reaches between 100-150, which has reached the stage of being fake. granular activated carbon (gac) And this activated carbon itself is made by mixing anthracite and soil together. People who don’t understand coal-based columnar activated carbon can’t distinguish between coal-based columnar activated carbon and soil. The intuitive difference between coal-based columnar activated carbon and soil is The soil charcoal itself will bend, and its columnar shape is very long, it has no strength, and it has no value of regeneration.


Matters needing attention for coal columnar activated carbon:


  1. During transportation, avoid mixing with hard materials, and do not step on or step on it to prevent the carbon particles from breaking and affecting quality.


  1. Storage should be stored in porous adsorbent, so during transportation, storage and use, water immersion must be prevented. After immersion, a large amount of water fills the active voids and makes it useless. Columnar activated carbon manufacturers


  1. Prevent tar substances from being brought into the activated carbon bed during the use process, so as not to block the gaps of the activated carbon and make it lose the adsorption effect. activated carbon manufacturers Fortunately, there are decoking equipment to purify the gas.


  1. During storage or transportation, avoid direct contact with the fire source to prevent fire. Avoid oxygen ingress during activated carbon regeneration and regenerate thoroughly. After regeneration, the coal columnar activated carbon must be cooled with steam to below 80°C, otherwise the temperature will be high. Oxygen, activated carbon will ignite spontaneously if it exceeds 450 degrees.


  1. Packaging and storage: 25kg bags, plastic woven bags, products should be stored indoors in a dry place.


Method to distinguish coal based columnar activated carbon in water treatment


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