Organic Fertilizer Turning Machine Uses In The Poultry Farm

Organic Fertilizer Turning Machine Uses In The Poultry Farm

News Posted: 10/28/2019 2:09:58 AM

The organic fertilizer turning machine realizes the turning, stirring, and crushing of organic materials. After the material turned over, the material shows a loose agglomerate state, which makes it better for oxygen-consuming fermentation. The equipment has low energy consumption and high production efficiency. It can save a lot of manpower and material resources.

Fertilizer Turning Machine Turns Waste Into Treasure

The organic fertilizer turning machine consists of two parts: stirring and shifting. It can realize the functions of ventilation, crushing, and loosening during work. This is an essential equipment for the production of organic fertilizer. Its small size, high efficiency, stable operation, flexible installation, easy operation, strong adaptability to the site, easy maintenance and easy operation. The current society advocates green environmental protection, and the concepts of green agriculture and organic agriculture deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The trough type turning and polishing machine can not only turn waste into treasure, reduce environmental problems, but also provide high-quality fertilizer for agriculture. Using a trough-type throwing machine to turn these polluted soil into organic fertilizer.

Organic Fertilizer Turning Machine Uses In The Chicken Farm

In the chicken farm, a lot of chicken manure produced every day. Some farmers do not know how to deal with chicken manure. It is very headache. If they stacked directly, it will not only pollute the environment but also cause serious waste. A simple composting treatment technology that uses an organic fertilizer turning machine to turn the pile during the fermentation process, thereby promoting rapid fermentation of organic waste. It is mainly suitable for small and medium-scale farm waste treatment. Putting the livestock and poultry pile together and stir it, about 60% of the water. Try to stack this up so that the temperature inside can maintain. Use an organic fertilizer turner to mix. If the weather is cold, put some straw on the pile to make it ferment better.

The scale of modern farming is getting bigger and bigger, the demand for science and technology is getting higher and higher, and the economic benefits of scale are becoming more and more obvious. In the past, one person to breed one hundred to five hundred. It is normal for one person to breed one thousand to two thousand now, but the result of this will inevitably produce a large amount of manure. How to quickly and harmlessly treat the manure is also a new topic in front of the farmers. The manure and sewage generated by livestock and poultry farming are the resources of misplaced places. If well planned and properly utilized, not only the environment will be beautiful, but farmers will also get benefits.

An Ideal Equipment For Organic Fertilizer Fermentation

The trough type turning machine turns over the material to make it lose and breathable, thereby increasing the oxygen content in the material, which is a necessary means for composting fermentation. The self-propelled turning machine replaces the manual work, which improves the efficiency, ensures the quality of the pile, and reduces the labor cost. The organic fertilizer turning machine is the first choice for general organic fertilizer fermentation. The advantages of material turning thoroughly are the ideal choice for large-scale organic fertilizer fermentation, especially for organic fertilizer manufacturers with a high land cost.

Hope this article can help you to know more about organic fertilizer turning machine. If you want to build an organic fertilizer production line, please contact us.

Organic Fertilizer Turning Machine Uses In The Poultry Farm


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