Outstanding advantages of honeycomb activated carbon

Outstanding advantages of honeycomb activated carbon

Article Posted: 1/5/2021 1:35:57 AM

There are roughly three types of conventional gas treatment activated carbon:


  1. Columnar activated carbon. The raw material of columnar activated carbon is anthracite, and the cost is low. The price of columnar activated carbon is naturally cheap, with high strength and wide adaptability, but its shortcomings are also obvious. air purification activated carbon pellets Its performance in gas adsorption is modest, and the limitations of operation and accumulation determine that columnar activated carbon is not suitable Large area use.


  1. Nutshell activated carbon. In contrast, the adsorption capacity of nutshell activated carbon is stronger than that of columnar activated carbon, but the shortcomings of nutshell activated carbon are also obvious: First, the price of nutshell activated carbon is too high, and large-scale use will inevitably cause excessive cost budget; second, The accumulation of activated carbon from the shell can easily block the ventilation ducts, resulting in an embarrassing situation of excellent gas adsorption capacity but low work efficiency.


There is no harm without comparison. Honeycomb activated carbon has both price and performance advantages.


  1. Honeycomb activated carbon. This type of activated carbon came out late and belongs to a new type of carbon, but this type of activated carbon is specifically aimed at gas adsorption. china activated carbon manufacturers Its special pores provide sufficient contact area for the micropores of honeycomb activated carbon and gas to ensure the adsorption efficiency of honeycomb activated carbon. At the same time, another advantage of the pore structure is that when the honeycomb activated carbon is stacked in a large amount, the special pore structure provides a good channel for gas circulation, and there will be no embarrassment of gas blockage.


The raw materials of honeycomb activated carbon and columnar activated carbon are exactly the same, so the price of activated carbon is not high, but its adsorption capacity and adsorption efficiency can reach the level of nutshell activated carbon, but the working efficiency of honeycomb activated carbon is far superior to the above two types of activated carbon.


Taken together, the advantages of honeycomb activated carbon are obvious and simple. First, honeycomb activated carbon is cheap, and secondly, honeycomb activated carbon is powerful. These two points are also the most direct and useful features.

Outstanding advantages of honeycomb activated carbon


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