Packing Equipment The Importance Of Auto Packing Machine

Packing Equipment The Importance Of Auto Packing Machine

News Posted: 11/19/2019 2:23:56 AM

In the bidding of the national grain storage equipment directly organized by the State Food Bureau, many units have ordered quantitative packaging scales. Its performance and proficiency directly affect the economic benefits of the national grain reserve. In this context, mastering the necessary debugging knowledge is very urgent and necessary for the food reserve.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional auto packing machine manufacturer, this article will introduce the importance of auto packing equipment.

Introduction Of The Packing Equipment

The packing equipment applied to the automatic quantitative packaging of industrial and agricultural automation production. The computer controlled whole weighing process and automatically completed. It has a fast weighing speed. The weighing precision is high, saving labor, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

Performance Features Of The Product

The quantitative packing scale consists of weighing unit, trolley, sewing package conveying device, pneumatic system, dust removal system, quantitative packaging control instrument and so on. The key component that affects the packaging speed and accuracy is the weighing unit, which includes a storage bin, a gate, a cutting device, a scale body, a bag holder device, a bracket, and an electrical control device. The storage bin is a buffered silo for material storage and provides a nearly uniform material flow, the gate located at the bottom of the storage bin. And used to block the material in the storage bin when the equipment overhauled or fails.

The material device composed of a cutting hopper, a cutting door, a pneumatic component, a supplemental valve, etc. It provides two kinds of fast and slow feeding in the weighing process, and the material flow of the fast and slow feeding can separately adjust to ensure the quantitative packaging scale meets the accuracy requirements and speed requirements of the metering. The function of the air supply valve to balance the air pressure difference in the system during weighing. The scale body mainly composed of a weighing hopper, a load-bearing bracket, and a load cell to complete the weight to the electrical signal. The transformation and transmission to the control unit, the bag-holding device mainly composed of a bag-holding mechanism, a pneumatic component, etc. And functions to clamp the packaging bag, so that all the materials that have been weighed fall into the packaging bag. The electric control device composed of a weighing display controller. The components of electrical components and control cabinets function as a control system to make the whole system work in an orderly manner according to preset procedures.

Weighing Method Of The Production

After checking the sensor wiring is correct, turn on the power of the control cabinet and heated for 15 minutes before debugging. Fusmar Machinery produced packing equipment is popular. This article will introduce the technical requirements with the maximum weighing of 100kg, the divisional value of 0.2kg, the quantitative value of 90kg and the accuracy level of X(0.2) as follows:

  1. Offset Adjustment

The 10kg weights placed separately on the two weighing points of the weighing hopper. When the weighing display shows "Positive", the sensor output should adjust in the decreasing direction. When the weighing display shows"negative difference", the sensor output should adjust in the direction of the increase. For example, when the output of the L/C-1 sensor lowered, a set of trimming resistors (original value is 10 ohms) related to L/C-1, and then rotated to the left with the same amount of rotation.

Rotating to the right (clockwise) the resistance value decreases, and the display value increases (denoted as "plus").

Rotating to the left (counterclockwise) increases the resistance value and decreases the display value (denoted as "minus").

Note: When rotating the trimming resistor, if the rotation amount of each group inconsistent, the adjustment will become difficult. Therefore, the rotation amount of each set of trimming resistors of the sensor should as uniform as possible. The absolute value of each bearing error not more than 10g.

  1. Weighing Adjustment

Weighing performed according to the procedure of the weighing display controller manual calibration. The detection time is from 0 to 40, 40kg, 70kg, 90kg, 100kg, and the error is not more than 10g, 20g, 35g, 45g, 50g from the maximum value to zero points respectively. The weights decremented in the order of 100kg, 90kg, 70kg, 40kg, and 0kg, and the error is not greater than the respective tolerances. The repeatability check performed at the two quantitative points of 40kg and 100kg, and each weighing point performed 3 times, each time the error is not greater than the respective tolerance.

  1. Parameter Setting

There are many parameters to set for the quantitative packing scale. The following is a description of the commonly used key parameters as follows:

(1) The weighing display controller quantitative value can set to a quantitative target value, such as 90kg.

(2) The fast increase in advance, slow increase in advance.

When the weight > (set value) - (faster advance amount), stop fast addition, turn into slow addition.

When the weight > (set value) - (slow plus advance), the feed stopped.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery specializes in the production of feed pellet machine, feed mixer, feed hammer mill, feed packing machine, and other feed machinery.

Packing Equipment The Importance Of Auto Packing Machine


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