Peanut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

Peanut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

News Posted: 6/19/2020 2:40:45 AM

The environmentally-friendly continuous peanut shell charcoal making machine is mainly used for carbonization of biomass materials such as sawdust, rice husk, hemp straw, straw, nutshell, and coconut shell. The charcoal briquette production line equipment utilizes the principle of gasification carbonization and adopts advanced smoke-free environmental carbonization.

Peanut Shell Carbonization Machine

The continuous peanut shell carbonization machine has three significant advantages: one is the large volume of the main machine, the high carbonization rate, and the strong production capacity. The second is the smoke-free environment, which can separate and filter the smoke generated during the carbonization process. The contained wood vinegar, wood tar, water vapor, and other swimming ions are separated. And at the same time, the generated flue gas is harmlessly treated. Thirdly, the cost is low, and the utility is strong, which satisfies the initial investment of the entrepreneurs. Good objective requirements.  

Peanut Shell Carbonization Machine Works

The peanut shell carbonization machine adopts the dry distillation carbonization method, fully utilizes the flammable gas such as carbon monoxide, methane, and hydrogen generated in the carbonization process, separates the wood tar and the wood acid liquid through the flue gas purification system to obtain the pure combustible gas. And then passes the self-matching. The wind burner is fully burned and heated to a high-temperature carbonization pipe (the temperature is generally controlled at about 600?). There are four layers of pipes inside the carbonization machine from top to bottom, the first and second layers are preheated drying pipes, the third layer is low-temperature carbonization pipes, and the fourth layer is high-temperature carbonization pipes. The first and second floors are provided with independent exhaust pipes to discharge water vapor. The pipes use the residual heat in the furnace to dry the materials, and the water vapor is discharged from the exhaust pipes. The third and fourth floors are also provided with independent combustible gas recovery pipes. The carbonization pipes carbonize the materials at a high temperature to decompose flammable gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, and hydrogen, then heat the pipes through the recovery pipes. The flue gas purification system and the burner combustion. The effect of reciprocating cycle heating carbonization is achieved. The initial carbonization ignition gas source is supplied by a biomass gasifier. 

Matters needing attention:

When the carbonization machine is first ignited and turned off in the middle, it is necessary to open the side to close the fire door to prevent too much flammable gas in the furnace, which will cause deflagration when igniting, which will cause harm to personal safety.

The Finished Carbonized Peanut Shell Carbon

The finished carbonized peanut shell carbon has a wide range of applications and can be used as a fertilizer slow release agent, a feed additive, a smelting flux, a food additive, a pharmaceutical additive, and the like. The raw materials can be first granulated and then carbonized directly for the adsorbent, preservative, and deodorant. It can also be used as a fuel for high-end barbecues and field workers.

Carbon powder made from crop straw and forestry residues. Today, charcoal powder is used in many fields such as industry, agriculture, medicine, and household. Charcoal powder can be used in metallurgy, pharmaceutical, and soil improvement. It can be used in the home to adsorb formaldehyde to remove harmful gases, dehumidification, and deodorization.

Peanut Shell Charcoal Making Machine


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