Performance and characteristics of wooden columnar activated carbon

Performance and characteristics of wooden columnar activated carbon

Article Posted: 12/10/2020 1:42:14 AM

The use effect of activated carbon has a great relationship with its type. Different types of activated carbon have different performances, and also have different prices and ranges of use, such as our company’s wooden columnar activated carbon products.


Nowadays, the range of activated carbon is very wide. Many enterprises need to use activated carbon as adsorbent or water purifier in production. There are also many types of activated carbon on the market. granular activated carbon manufacturers Some people just choose Don't know how to make your own decision. Here I would like to recommend our company’s wooden columnar activated carbon products, which are also very popular.


This wooden columnar activated carbon also looks gray-black in appearance, and after a special processing technology, it is produced as a cylinder, tasteless and non-toxic. This activated carbon is made of high-quality materials, such as wood chips, coconut shells and fruit shells, which are crushed and overstocked, and then processed through carbonization and activation steps. Because it uses coconut shell and other very good high-quality raw materials to produce, the activated carbon of this material is better than traditional coal-based activated carbon, contains less impurities, has more microporous structure, and has stronger adsorption capacity.


Because of the different processing methods, the processing technology is very in place, so the wooden columnar activated carbon produced by our company has a lot of micropore structure, and the distribution of micropores is also very reasonable and uniform. When used, the same amount can be guaranteed Activated carbon has a higher adsorption capacity. Its service life is relatively prolonged, more than twice that of ordinary coal-based activated carbon.


When our company produces wooden columnar activated carbon, it uses a special production process with its own patented technology. It is not a traditional production method, and it also abandons the traditional low-level method of forming with starch and other binders. powdered carbon Using non-cohesive ingredients to complete the molding, and relying on the special properties of carbon molecules to produce a very reasonable activated carbon structure. With a good carbonization and activation process, it has more microporous structures. In addition, during production, the clogging of micropores by dust and powder is avoided, and the adsorption capacity is increased.

Performance and characteristics of wooden columnar activated carbon


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