Process Description For Reducing The Breakage Rate Of Briquetting Press Equipment

Process Description For Reducing The Breakage Rate Of Briquetting Press Equipment

News Posted: 7/21/2020 3:10:51 AM

The briquetting press equipment will slowly occupy a certain market, because the briquette ball press technology can easily process the pulverized coal into pellets, which is convenient for the transportation of enterprises and the use of expanded coal powder. However, there are many manufacturers of mineral powder ball press equipment, but basically, they are relatively rough. Today, what we are talking about is the main problems that will occur in the briquetting press equipment and the places that the equipment manufacturers do not pay attention to.

The Main Performance Of the Briquette Ball Press

Transmission of mine powder ball press equipment:

The briquetting press machine mainly works and runs through the pressing force, so the purchase is the transmission part must carefully observe the motor and reducer, the motor must be copper core It is the copper core that can achieve the required power. The two external reducers must find the reducer produced by the regular manufacturer. The outer casing and speed ratio of the reducer is the most important. After the equipment is purchased, you can basically test it yourself. At this time, you have to consider whether you need to add adhesive before pressing the ball, what kind of strength you need to reach, how to put the product out, how to reduce the product breakage rate, and so on. With these issues in mind, you can safely produce, and there are very few problems in the middle of the operation of the equipment.

Mine powder pressure ball press:

This is the most wearable and most prone to problems. The material of the press is required to be Mn13 or above. However, the materials of the company are not able to meet the standard of Mn13, and many of them are made of cast steel. Instead of using the user for a period of time after the user pulls it back, it is easy to cause wear and tear, which wastes manpower and financial resources. Therefore, the equipment for purchasing the charcoal powder briquette machine must ask the material of the manufacturer's pressure roller, and if necessary, it can be tested.

By doing the above work, the breakage rate of the briquetting press can be easily reduced.

Fusmar is an expert in the charcoal briquette machine. We produce and supply high-quality briquetting press machine and charcoal briquette production line at a reasonable price, and the machines are producing qualified mechanism charcoal to ensure the profits of enterprises. 

Process Description For Reducing The Breakage Rate Of Briquetting Press Equipment


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