Processing Technology Of Extruded Fish Feed Pellets

Processing Technology Of Extruded Fish Feed Pellets

News Posted: 1/3/2020 1:55:36 AM

Extrusion processing technology to produce floating fish feed pellet has become the development trend of aquatic feed processing technology. The unique function of the fish feed extruder is to change the weight of the feed, so that it can be made into floating, slow sinking, and sinking puffed fish feed. Floating fish feed can not only improve feed efficiency, but the most important thing is to make fish feed visible to farmers, which can avoid overfeeding and reduce feed waste.

However, because the processing technology of aquatic extruded feed is more complicated than other processing technologies, in the actual production process, it often appears that the processing quality of aquatic extruded feed is unstable or that individual varieties cannot produce qualified products. There are many factors that affect the processing quality of aquatic extruded feed. Only after fully understanding the impact of extrusion process equipment and raw cooking characteristics of feed on the processing quality, and scientifically changing the operating conditions of extrusion and floating, it can effectively control the processing quality of aquatic extruded feed and improve the product one-time pass rate.

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Extruded Floating Fish Feed Pellets

Extrusion curing is completed by combining the effects of water, pressure, temperature, and mechanical shear. During extrusion curing, the temperature in the fish feed extruder machine can reach 90~200 ?, and the extrusion duration ranges from 2 to 30 seconds. The extrusion product will undergo a series of physical and chemical changes, such as starch gelatinization, protein denaturation, enzymes, toxic Inactivation of ingredients, and microorganisms.

Fish Feed Extruder Type And Structure

There are many types of extruders on the market. According to the screw composition, they can be basically divided into single-screw extruders and twin-screw extruders. Single screw extruder can be divided into wet curing extruder, dry curing extruder, and cold forming extruder. The extruder generally consists of four parts, including the feeding system, the modulator, the boring and cutting device of the extruder. The variable-speed feeding screw in the feeding system feeds the raw materials into the pre-conditioner. The operator can view and monitor the feeding situation through the high and low-level indicators and visual glass windows. The modulator injects water and heat in the form of steam, and the entire modulation process continues.

Making Sinking Puffed Feed

When making sinking puffed feed, fill the modulator with water (no or little steam). The mold should have 26-30 atmospheres (25-29 kg/cm³). The extrudate should contain 28-30% of water. The rear bulk density is 450~550g / L, the temperature is 120 ?, and the moisture is 26%. The warm-cure extruder uses a die with a vent, and the dry fish feed extruder uses a secondary extrusion die. This can reduce the temperature, moisture, and expansion rate of the extruded product and make a sinking feed smoothly. The die with air vent is close to the template, so it can also be used in the situation where vitamins, pigments, and flavor enhancers need to be added to the extruded material, which can avoid excessive hydration. The sinking fish feed should contain 10% starch and 12% fat, and the final extrusion product should be dried to 10% to 12% water. Excessive drying will cause the sinking feed to float.

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Processing Technology Of Extruded Fish Feed Pellets


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