Puffed Floating Fish Feed Pellets Advantages Fish Feed Extruder

Puffed Floating Fish Feed Pellets Advantages Fish Feed Extruder

News Posted: 4/3/2020 2:05:36 AM

In order to improve the fish feed utilization of digestion and absorption, reduce the impact of feed pellets on the water environment, and improve the efficiency of aquaculture. Fusmar Machinery has obtained better economic and social benefits by improving the quality of fish feed machinery and processing technology. It is an important achievement to make fish feed pellets by the puffing process. The twin-screw fish extruder machine can produce floating, slow sinking, and sinking feed according to the needs of aquaculture. Among them, the puffed floating fish feed has been popularized and applied because it has special functions.

The Puffed Floating Fish Feed Can Float On The Water Surface For A Long Time

The puffed floating fish feed can float on the water surface for a long time, which is convenient for breeding management and is conducive to saving labor. So the feeding situation of the fish can be well observed after feeding, which is convenient for adjusting the feeding amount according to the feeding situation of the fish. Meanwhile, it can be more accurately based on the change of the fish feeding amount, and the condition of fish-to-water feeding to understand growth and health. Breeders can calculate the amount of bait to be fed according to the species, size, quantity, water temperature, and bait rate of the fish being cultured. Not only save a lot of time but also improve labor productivity.

Puffed Floating Fish Feed Improves Feed Utilization

Due to the high-temperature and high-pressure processing conditions of fish extruder machine, the starch in the feed is matured, and the fat is more conducive to digestion and absorption, thereby improving the palatability and digestion absorption of the feed. In addition, due to the physical and chemical changes in the puffing process, the powder ratio of puffed feed is generally within 1%, which directly improves the effective use of the feed. Under normal circumstances, the use of puffed floating feed for fish farming can save feed 5-10%, compared with powdered feed or other pellet feed.

Puffed Floating Fish Feed Can Reduce Water Pollution

The puffed floating fish feed does not dissolve in water for a long time. The floating time of fish feed pellets can be as long as about 12 hours, and it is easy to observe and control. Alleviate or avoid the pollution of the water, which is extremely beneficial to fish growth.

Puffed Floating Fish Feed Has A Wide Application Prospect

In terms of breeding methods, floating fish feed can be used in pond fish farming, paddy field fish farming, cage fish farming, and factory fish farming. Especially for pond fish and paddy fish farming with relatively low culture density, floating fish feed is more advantageous than other feeds. In terms of cultured species, whether it is freshwater fish or marine fish, it can well feed on floating fish feed, such as sea bass, black catfish, frogs, turtles, and other well-known specialties, as well as conventional breeding of grass carp, carp, and other species. According to different species and growth stages, Fusmar fish feed machine can make a puffed floating fish feed that is suitable for its caliber and nutritional needs, which can meet the feed needs of conventional aquaculture and special aquaculture. This not only convenient for farmers but also promotes the development of production.

Hope this article can help you know more about floating fish feed pellets, if you want to build your own fish feed pellet production line, please contact us.  

Puffed Floating Fish Feed Pellets Advantages Fish Feed Extruder


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