Reasons For The Low Efficiency Of Tilapia Breeding

Reasons For The Low Efficiency Of Tilapia Breeding

News Posted: 9/4/2019 4:24:20 AM

Fish feed machine is very popular in the aquaculture, it is indispensable machinery to make fish feed pellets. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional fish feed production line supplier.

With the increasing number of tilapia farmers, many people begin to say that tilapia farming is not economically efficient. I guess tilapia farming technology is not in place. Here are some reasons why tilapia farming is not so profitable.

Farm Pond Selection Is Incorrect

Many farmers think that fish can be raised wherever there is water. This concept ignores the living habits of tilapia and does not satisfy its normal growth and development, resulting in low tilapia yield and poor economic returns. Tilapia is a tropical fish that has strict water temperature requirements. Although it can be farmed in non-tropical areas, the time for stocking and fishing varies greatly different. Tilapia is a fish at the bottom of the pond. It has long been like a nest of mud, so it is necessary to have a certain amount of silt on the bottom of the pond. There are also certain requirements for pond water quality, requiring a pH of 7.5 to 8.5 and a water body transparency of 35 cm or more.

Fish Stocking Is Incorrect

Due to the high self-breeding rate of tilapia, under the conditions of sufficient feed and suitable water temperature. It is possible to spawn and progeny several times a year, which seriously affects its own growth rate and commodity quality. Therefore, if the farmer does not correctly choose tilapia variety specifications and stock density, without proper matching with other polyculture fish, it will result in low yield and poor economic returns.

Feeding Management Is Incorrect

Tilapia is an omnivorous fish that grows up in fat water. If the aquaculture water is not fat, the bait is insufficient, or random feeding, it will result in low yield and poor economic efficiency. Many tilapia farmers ignore management. In the high-temperature season when fish growth is fast, they do not pay attention to regulating water quality and ensuring dissolved oxygen in water bodies, resulting in the frequent outbreaks of tilapia diseases and an increase in the number of deaths, resulting in low yields and the consequences of poor economic returns.

Operating Method Is Incorrect

Many tilapia farmers still stay in the traditional business model, only to raise fish, do not pay attention to market conditions. In the current situation of fish feed pellets, surface rent, fertilizer prices, and so on, there is no diversified thinking, resulting the status quo of the live beyond one's income in aquaculture economy.

Protection Facilities Are Not Repaired In Time

In the breeding process of many tilapia farmers, the protective nets around the pond and at the top are not inspected and repaired at any time. So that various natural enemies enter the pond to prey on a large number of tilapia, resulting in low production and economy of tilapia. The consequences of poor performance.

If anything is permitted, you can use a fish feed machine to make fish feed pellets by yourself. Choosing a suitable fish feed machine and using it properly will significantly improve the benefits of the tilapia. You can greatly reduce the cost of farming, thereby increasing profits.  

Reasons For The Low Efficiency Of Tilapia Breeding


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