Rice Husk Briquette Machine For Your Choice

Rice Husk Briquette Machine For Your Choice

News Posted: 6/12/2020 3:07:12 AM

Rice husk briquette machine can make the rice husk to briquette for further usage. It is a way to recycle the rice husk and make value from the product. 

Basic Properties Of Rice Husk

Rice husk, another name as rice hull, is a kind of biomass waste as the coat of the rice. The ingredients of it are cellulose (40%-50%), hemicellulose (10%-30%), and lignin(20%-30%). The lignin itself is with a high rate compared to wood (17%-32% for different wood), which makes a good material for briquetting.

The Usage Of Rice Husk

Rice husk is widely used as a wide distribution and high burning value. It is easy to burn, with less pollution and ash content. Burning rice husk can highly reduce the sulfur dioxide rate of the exhaust compared to use coal. Mainly the rice husk has several ways to use with its burning effect:

  1. Used in daily life as fuel for boiling water and cooking.
  2. Used to burn for making clay bricks.
  3. Used as fuel for boilers.
  4. Used to burn for making electric.

Why Make Rice Husk Briquette

The rice husk can be directly used as fuel, but this makes a lot of heat loss. The bulk burning efficiency for rice husk is only 10%-30%, make rice husk briquette can improve this work. After the rice husk is made to briquette, the burning value then is 60% higher than wood, density is 10 times as the bulk (almost twice as wood). Due to this high density, it can keep on burning for two hours after the flame stops. The rice husk briquette also improves the work of storage and reduce the fire risk for the bulk rice husk.

The Process Of Rice Husk Charcoal Briquette Plant

The rice husk is normally with a length around 7mm which can be briquette by charcoal briquette machine. Made it with proper size is crushing. The crushed rice husk with proper moisture can be briquette in rice husk briquette machine as making the briquette.

It’s a simple process with several machines:

Raw rice husk ⇒ Crush (crusher) ⇒ Drying (dryer) ⇒ Briquette (briquette maker) ⇒ Carbonization (carbonization furnace)

If your rice husk charcoal briquette plant only with small capacity, you may find your own way of drying like put it in the sunshine. Else we advise using a dryer like rotary drum dryer for this process in order to make the continuous plant, even moisture of the raw husk, and higher the efficiency.

Rice Husk Briquette Machine For Your Choice


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