Ring Die Poultry Feed Pelletizer

Ring Die Poultry Feed Pelletizer

News Posted: 3/25/2021 4:16:55 AM

Different from flat die feed pellet mill machine mainly used for making pellets for their own animals, ring die poultry feed pelletizer is more efficient and suitable for industrial poultry feed pellets production-large farms or feed pellets factory. Equipped with conditioner, this pellet mill equipment can make the material fully mixed and ripen, thus the finished feed pellets have more smooth surface and better quality. Featured by high throughput and low consumption, ring die poultry feed pellet machine has enjoyed great popularity.

Features Of Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill

  1. Built-in steam collection conditioner can mix and cook materials fully and uniformly to meet special needs and ensure high quality of final poultry feed.
  2. Driven by high precision gear transmission system which ensures high productivity (about 20% higher than belt transmission) and low energy consumption.
  3. Better transmission performance, stable operation and less noise.
  4. Feeding device adopts frequency conversion speed regulating motor to guarantee the particles quality.
  5. Multiple aperture ring die for choice, excellent craft of ring die with long service life
  6. The international advanced compensation type spring coupling device is of novel and compact structure, reliable and low failure rate.
  7. Overload protection and electrical control system to ensure stable performance.
  8. Tow or three jacket conditioners can be customized to upgrade to be aquatic feed pellet mill for making high grade feed pellets.

Working Principle Of Ring Die Poultry Feed Pellet Mill

The material is put into the screw feeder which can be easily adjusted for the feeding speed and getting proper material flow. After this, the material goes into a conditioner where hot steam can provide favorable conditioning. Then, the material temperature is maintained about 64-85 °C and moisture between 14-16% before entering the pressing chamber. In the pressing chamber, materials will naturally be compressed into pellet form through the die holes under the high pressure of rollers. 

Why Feed Pelletizing For Poultry

Pelletizing is a key process to the production of high quality poultry feeds as it ensures that the feed formulation with rich nutrition and in the correct quantities for poultry. Each bite of a pellet made by our ring die feed pellet mill machine will have the same quality to improve the animal performance.

  1. Improved animal performance
  2. Decreased feed wastage
  3. Reduced selective feeding
  4. Destruction of deleterious organisms
Ring Die Poultry Feed Pelletizer


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