Rotary Sieving Machine Used In The Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Rotary Sieving Machine Used In The Organic Fertilizer Production Line

News Posted: 11/1/2019 2:53:05 AM

Rotary sieving machine is a common equipment used in the organic fertilizer production line. It mainly used for the separation of finished products and return materials. It can also realize the classification of products and evenly classify finished products.

How To Work Of The Rotary Sieving Machine

The rotary sieving machine made up of five parts: drum, frame, funnel, reducer, and motor. After the material enters the drum from the inlet, on the one hand, it screened as the drum rotates. On the other hand, the material with large grain size flows forward along the slope of the drum, and gradually screened out through the screen of different meshes. The material sieved out and dropped into the respective funnels, which then manually transported or self-flowed to the finished product pile. The machine adopts a combined screen for easy maintenance and replacement. It has a simple structure, convenient and stable operation. It is an ideal equipment for compound fertilizer production.

Rotary Sieving Machine Structure Brief

  1. Rack part:The machine frame welded with excellent carbon steel plate and channel steel. Ithas passed strict product qualification certification and specific process requirements, which has reached the used purpose.
  2. Transmission screening part:This part adopts a combined screen, which transmitted from the transmission wheel to the main shaft through the coupling, and the screen installed and welded on the rolling cage of the main shaft. The material enters from the feeding end, and the rolling cage continuously rotates and grades, finally,uniformly flows out from the lower discharging port. Which effectively separates the finished product from the returning material, thereby reducing labor intensity.
  3. Transmission connection part:The motor drives the pulley, the V-belt and the reducer drive the spindle to rotate. The transmission reducer and the working part of the main machine all driven throughthe pin-type coupling. Which is convenient for assembly and maintenance.

Main Machinery Equipment

1-20 million tons of organic fertilizer production line, bio-organic fertilizer production line, compound fertilizer production line. BB fertilizer complete equipment without dry extrusion molding equipment, chicken manure and other high-humidity materials drying and fermentation equipment. For organic, inorganic biological fertilizer plants, garbage and sewage treatment plants opened up a precedent of the harmless treatment of organic waste.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is an emerging industry specializing in the development of agricultural environmental protection technology, reducing waste recycling, and engaged in the research and development complete sets of organic fertilizer equipment. The company has strong technical strength, high-quality staff and R&D, design, manufacturing team. Our company Fusmar has long been committed to the production of the high, medium, and low organic fertilizer production equipment, bio-organic fertilizer production equipment, and compound fertilizer production equipment. To provide customers with process design, equipment manufacturing, installation, and commissioning, equipped with a full range of services. The products have been exported. Welcome everyone to consult.

Rotary Sieving Machine Used In The Organic Fertilizer Production Line


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