Ruminant Animal Feed Pellet Production Business Plan

Ruminant Animal Feed Pellet Production Business Plan

News Posted: 8/24/2021 5:20:45 AM

In recent years, more and more farmers who feed cattle, cow, sheep and other animals choose to make their own animal feed by purchasing a small set of ruminant animal feed production plant. How much does it cost to set up an animal feed production plant? What’s the price of small feed processing unit? How to make the best ruminant animal feed production business plan?

Hot Sale Equipment For Ruminant Animal Feed Production Business

This is one of our hot sale equipment for farmers and self-employee who want to start small scale animal feed production business. It is a complete feed processing plant including feed crusher, mixer, ring die feed pellet mill, cooler and packager. View to photos below to know more about this small complete set of animal feed pellet making machine.

Ruminant animals that have the digestion system of rumination, which includes cattle, cow, sheep, horse, camels, deer, giraffes, alpacas, antelope, etc. Because this kind of animal all has the complex ruminant stomach, can ruminant food, therefore calls the ruminant animal. This set of animal feed production plant can process various of feed materials.

Ruminant Animal Feed Pellet Production

In this part, let’s talk about the nutritional control of ruminant animal feed production, along with the nutritional value, application status and prospects of soybean husk in the field of feed processing. Straw and dry forage are the main coarse fodder for ruminants or herbivores, especially in winter. Straw and dry forage have high lignin content, but the nutritional composition is very low, which is not good for the growth of the animals. Actually, soybean husk is an ideal feed resource with great potential to promote the growth of animals, shorten the growth cycle.

The unique advantages of soybean husk determine its wide application prospects. Soybean husk is a kind of high fiber feed. Through enzymatic hydrolysis and other physiological and biochemical effects, it can be easily digested by ruminants including beef cattle, dairy cattle (cow) and sheep. Soybean husk has high energy content, and there is no negative reaction of starch grains to inhibit rumen fiber hydrolysis, so it has great potential as a new feed resource for ruminant animal feed mill plant.


Ruminant Animal Feed Pellet Production Business Plan


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