Small Fish Feed Production Line

Small Fish Feed Production Line

News Posted: 8/27/2019 4:09:50 AM

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional small fish feed production line manufacturer, this article we will introduce a small fish feed production line in detail. The variety and scale of ornamental fish and raising fish are increasing constantly, and there are different adult and young fish, and different requirements for fish feed. This production line is widely used in the production of fish feed for ornamental fish, is the ideal choice for investment in the fish feed industry.

Small Fish Feed Production Line Introduction

The small fish feed production line is a small investment, high output, cover a small area of land and a high degree of automation. The whole machine is made of stainless steel. Keep it clean and tidy. The extruder technology uses the international advanced single or twin-screw extruder technology.

Process Flow Of Small Fish Feed Production Line

Dry Production Process: Raw Materials Crushing→Mixing→Extrusion Puffing→Drying→Pray Oil→Seasoning→Cooling→Packaging.

Wet Production Process: Raw Materials Crushing→Mixing→Modulation→Extrusion Puddling→Drying→Spray Oil→Seasoning→Cooling→Packaging.

Small Fish Feed Production Line Equipment

Feed Crusher → Mixer → Extruder → Pellet Dryer → Pellet Cooler → Seasoning Machine → Packaging Machine

Working Principle Of Small Fish Feed Production Line

The fish feed production process, with a variety of grains, bone meal, soy protein, and fat raw materials as the main raw material, a variety of raw materials have to be crushed, after mixing, adjust humidity, after high-temperature extrusion curing molding, can by changing the mold to produce all kinds of different style and size of fish feed pellets, and then through the medium temperature for a long time to dry, surface spraying oil and seasoning, cooling and packaging.

The heating system of the whole equipment adopts boiler steam heating, which reduces the power loss, reduces the production cost of the customer, and increases the net profit of the customer on the basis of the same output. And it has greatly increased the production of floating fish pellets.

Excellent Performance Of Small Fish Feed Production Line

  1. The main motor adopts frequency conversion control, energy-saving and easy operation.
  2. The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed control feeder to feed evenly.
  3. The main motor gearbox is equipped with gear oil pump cooling, lubrication system, twin-screw extrusion pump mechanism and double-shaft lengthening differential speed modulator so that the material is fully matured and the gelatinization degree of the material is more than 98%.
  4. A wide variety of raw materials, the feed formula can contain more than 12% oil. The screw has an excellent self-cleaning ability.
  5. The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed control to adapt to different kinds of raw materials, and the discharge cutter frequency conversion speed control to adjust the length of materials.
  6. The screw sleeve is made of special materials and processes, which can withstand wear and pressure.
  7. The feed is sterilized under high temperature and high pressure in the processing process, which guarantees the health and safety of feed products.
  8. The cylinder aperture of the discharge mold can be adjusted, and other special shapes can be made according to customer requirements.
  9. Suitable for processing aquaculture expanded feed (floating, sinking), water stability of more than 24 hours.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery as a professional small fish feed machine equipment manufacturer, we not only provide a complete small fish feed production line but also provide a single machine in each process. With years of experience in production and sales, we offer machines that are welcomed by customers.

Small Fish Feed Production Line


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