Talk About Organic Fertilizer Plant

Talk About Organic Fertilizer Plant

News Posted: 9/26/2019 2:14:29 AM

If you are interested in the organic fertilizer plant, please read this article.

Our company Fusmar is a professional fertilizer granulator machinery manufacturer, with many years of development, we have many large and small organic fertilizer production line in the world.

Organic fertilizer plant consists of seven processes, which are: batching, crushing, granulating, drying, screening, cooling, and packaging. Here are some important processes in detail.

Batching Of The Organic Fertilizer Plant

Organic fertilizer plant has rich raw material resources. Equipment may be different for different materials. The raw material resources may be animal excrement, agricultural waste, industrial waste, municipal sludge, river sludge, household waste, kitchen waste, extractor concentrate organic matter, and so on.

Crushing Of The Organic Fertilizer Plant

The fermentation material enters the fertilizer crusher machine to break the fermentation material, and the moisture content is less than 30%. Size up to 20-30 mesh, to meet the requirements of granulation.

Granulating Of The Organic Fertilizer Plant

The fertilizer granulator machine can help reduce the energy wasted during the drying process because the particles can be screened immediately after the granulation process. The purity of organic fertilizer particles can be up to 100%, making the production of pure organic fertilizer a reality and directly meeting the needs of customers. It can also ensure the quality of fertilizer particles. Therefore, this machine has the characteristics of low energy consumption, low production cost, and high yield, and is considered to be the best choice for pure organic fertilizer production.

Organic Fertilizer Screening

Particles from the granulation system screens with a rotating sieve. Fertilizer screening machine adopts a combined screen for easy maintenance and replacement. After screening, the unqualified particles will return to the crusher.

Matters Needing Attention Of Each Part

  1. Pay attention to check the wear degree of easily worn parts, and pay attention to replace worn parts at any time.
  2. Put the bottom frame plane of the moving device, dust,and other materials should takeout. To avoid that the moving bearing cannot move on the bottom frame when the machine encounters the material that cannot break, resulting in a serious accident.
  3. Bearing bear all the load of the machine, so good lubrication has a great relationship to the life of the bearing. It directly affects the service life of the machinery and the rate of operation, so the injection of lubricating oil must clean, the seal must good.
  4. The newly installed tire easy to become loose. It must checkfrequently, and pay attention to whether the work of all parts of the machineryis normal.

Hope the above processes can help you to know about organic fertilizer plant. Certainly, there are also some other influencing factors to improve efficiency, please contact us for more information. Our engineer will contact you asap.

Talk About Organic Fertilizer Plant


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