Technical Requirements Of Straw Pellet Machine For Different Materials

Technical Requirements Of Straw Pellet Machine For Different Materials

News Posted: 1/10/2020 1:22:51 AM

With the rapid development of livestock poultry and aquaculture industries, the demand for animal feed pellet is also increasing. At the same time, more and more feed pellet plants are using straw pellet machine equipment. 

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Technical Requirements Of Straw Pellet Machine For Different Materials

Due to the different feed formulations and regional differences, users have different requirements for animal feed pellets. Generally, feed manufacturers have requirements on the feed pellets, such as good pellet quality and high pelleting efficiency.

Due to the variety of feed formulations, the requirements for the control of the straw pellet machine mold parameters during processing are also different. The mold parameters mainly reflected in the choice of material, aperture, hole shape, aspect ratio, and opening ratio. Otherwise, the choice of mold parameters must determine according to the chemical ingredients and physical properties of the various ingredients that make up the feed formula. The chemical ingredients of the ingredients mainly include protein, starch, fat, cellulose, and so on. The physical properties of these feed materials mainly include particle size, water content, capacity, and so on.

Straw Pellet Machine Produced Aquatic Feed Pellets

Among them, the aquatic feed pellets produced through the straw pellet machine can divide into many types of feed, such as fish feed, shrimp feed, soft-shelled turtle feed, and so on. Among them, the content of crude fiber in fish feed relatively high, The content of crude fiber in shrimp feed and soft-shelled turtle feed is low and the protein content is high, so it belongs to high protein feed.

Comparatively speaking, when preparing aquatic feed pellets from straw pellet machine, granules usually required to stabilize in water for a long time, the diameter is uniform, and the length is neat. This requires that when using the straw granulator equipment to granulate, it is necessary to ensure that the granularity is fine and the maturity is high. Using pre-cooking and post-cooking processes.

Choosing A Suitable Way To Make Feed Pellets

It should also note that during the pelletization of the straw pellet machine equipment, the formulation and compression of different materials cannot imitate with each other, but should select according to the characteristics of the material, the characteristics of the straw pellet machine equipment used, the production requirements, mold parameters, and operating conditions. All in all, it is necessary to choose a suitable way to make high-quality pellet feed.

According to different requirements of pelletization, we need to analyze the actual situation flexibly. According to the characteristics of the material and the specific characteristics of the feed pellet production lines, we must choose the right parameters and operating conditions of the pelleting machine, so as to make high-quality feed pellets.

Technical Requirements Of Straw Pellet Machine For Different Materials


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