The Benefits Of Feed Pellet Machine For Farming Poultry

The Benefits Of Feed Pellet Machine For Farming Poultry

News Posted: 9/25/2020 4:19:40 AM

The feed pellet machine is dispensable machinery to make animal feed pellets, feed pellet mill can bring benefits to production. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional feed pellet machine manufacturer, this article will introduce the benefits of feed pellet machine for production in detail.

Feed Pellets Has A High Rate Of Return

In the granulation process, due to the combined action of water, temperature, and pressure. Some physical and chemical reactions occur in the feed, gelatinization of the starch, and enhanced activity of the enzyme. Which enables the animals to digest the feed more efficiently and transform into an increase in body weight. Feeding poultry and pigs with feed pellets can improve feed conversion (rate of return) compared to powder. Feeding fattening pigs with pellets have an average daily gain of 4% and a feed-to-meat ratio can reduce about 6%. For chicken, the feed-to-meat ratio can reduce about 3%-10%.

Feed Pellet Machine Can Avoid Animal Picky Eating

The compound feed formula has a variety of raw materials and is comprehensive in nutrition. Which prevents the animal from picking up the favorite food from the powder and refuses to ingest other ingredients. Since the animal feed pellets can keep uniform during storage and feeding, the feed loss can reduce about 8% to 10%.

Feed Pellets Have Good Fluidity And Easy To Manage

After granulation, the bulk density of the feed generally increased about 40%-100%. Which can reduce the storage capacity, save transportation costs, and make storage transportation more economical.

Many powders, especially flannel-like feeds with small specific gravity, with molasses added or with high fat and urea, are often adhered to the feed bank. Due to the good fluidity of the feed pellets, there is little sticking. Feed pellet is most popular on farms that use automatic feeders to raise cows or poultry on a large scale.

Feed Pellet Machine Can Reduce Environmental Pollution

Avoid automatic grading of feed ingredients and reduce environmental pollution. In the process of storage and transportation of powder materials, the volume and quality of various powder materials are different and easy to produce a classification. After the granule made, there is no grading of feed composition, and the granule material is not easy to dust, and the pollution of granule material to air and water is much less than that of powder material during feeding.

Feed Pellet Machine Can Kill Salmonella In Animal Feed

When animals ingested salmonella, it remains in animal tissue. People who eat animals infected with the bacteria get salmonella gastroenteritis. The method of steam high-temperature conditioning and granulation can kill the salmonella in animal feed.

Choosing a suitable feed pellet machine and using it properly will significantly improve the quality of the feed. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the production process. If you can further master the technology of making animal feed pellets, you can also greatly reduce the cost of materials, thereby increasing profits.

The Benefits Of Feed Pellet Machine For Farming Poultry


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