The benefits of granular activated carbon for slime water treatment

The benefits of granular activated carbon for slime water treatment

Article Posted: 12/17/2020 2:31:13 AM

The most important function of coconut shell activated carbon is adsorption, which is related to the pore structure of activated carbon. The specific surface area and specific volume of the micropores are both large. yongruida granular carbon Therefore, the micropores largely determine the adsorption capacity of activated carbon. On the surface of activated carbon, there are mainly two ways of adsorption, namely physical adsorption and chemical adsorption.


Chemical adsorption is monolayer adsorption, which can remove polar pollutants and some metal ions in wastewater and exhaust gas. Physical adsorption can form multi-molecular layer adsorption, which can effectively adsorb organic pollutants in wastewater and exhaust gas.


When an adsorbate is in contact with the surface of the adsorbent, whether physical adsorption or chemical adsorption occurs depends on the surface activity of the adsorbent, the nature of the adsorbate, temperature and other factors. Industrial activated carbon, in addition to adsorption capacity Other requirements are: ? high mechanical strength and good wear resistance; ? low energy required for desorption, simple regeneration; ? stable structure, small carbon loss during regeneration, etc.


1) The main characteristics of the application of granular activated carbon are the low investment in equipment, low price, fast adsorption speed, and strong habit of short-term and sudden water pollution.


2) Adding granular activated carbon has a significant effect on removing chromaticity. It has been reported that the chromaticity can be removed up to 70%. Low chromaticity indicates that the efficiency of removing organic matter is high, and the effect of removing iron and manganese is good.


3) Adding granular activated carbon has a significant effect on removing the smell.


4) Adding granular activated carbon helps to remove anionic detergent.


5) Adding granular activated carbon helps to remove algae. Adding coal-based granular activated carbon blocks the light absorption of algae, and at the same time it has a significant coagulation aid effect in water with lower turbidity, which helps in mixing Remove algae from the coagulation.


6) The addition of granular activated carbon has greatly reduced the chemical oxygen demand and the five-day biochemical oxygen demand.powdered activated carbon for water treatment These indicators that are positively related to the degree of organic pollution in the water body have decreased, and the degree of toxic and harmful substances in the water body has been removed.


7) Adding granular activated carbon has a good effect on the removal of phenols.


8) Adding granular activated carbon powder greatly reduces the turbidity of the effluent and greatly improves the quality of tap water.

9) The effect of adding granular activated carbon on the mutagenicity of water bodies can effectively remove organic pollutants. It is a simple and convenient way to improve drinking water quality with conventional technology.


 The benefits of granular activated carbon for slime water treatment


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