The Best Animal Feed Pellet Machine On Sale

The Best Animal Feed Pellet Machine On Sale

News Posted: 12/1/2020 3:24:21 AM

The Best Animal Feed Pellet Machine On Sale

Animal feed machine belongs to feed pelletization equipment, which is a feed processing machine with corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk, etc. as raw materials and directly pressed into pellets after crushing raw materials. According to the different capacity, feed pellet machine is divided into ring die feed pellet machine and flat die feed pellet machine. Common ring die feed pellet machine with straw powder pellet unit. Generally applicable to large, medium - scale farms. The method of feeding is forced feeding. And flat die feed pellet machine is more suitable for small and medium - sized farms. Flat die feed pellet machine feed mode is straight up and straight down, but the yield is relatively low.

Generally speaking, the larger scale of the farm will choose to mix some fine feed in the feed as a supplement. If the amount of refined feed in the formula is too much and the degree of maturation is large, the ring die feed pellet machine can be used to determine the degree of maturation of the feed by increasing the number of modulators. Of course, the price of ring die feed pellet machine is more expensive than flat die feed pellet machine.

Why Choose Animal Feed Pellet Machine

  1. Pellet press machine production of feed particles, comprehensive nutrition.
  2. Increased feeding rate and decreased incidence.
  3. Granulated feed can also assist livestock to grind teeth and increase rumen function.
  4. Different livestock corresponding to different specifications of pellet feed.

The Feature Of Pellet Making Machine

  1. Simple structure, wide adaptability, small floor area and low noise.
  2. Powder feed and straw powder can be pelleted without adding or a little liquid, so the moisture content of granular feed is basically the moisture content of the material before granulation, which is more convenient for storage.
  3. Chicken, duck, fish, etc., can obtain higher economic benefits than mixed powder feed.
  4. Dry material processing, the production of feed particles with high hardness, smooth surface, internal maturation, can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  5. The pellet formation process can denature the pancreatic enzymes in grains and legumes, reduce the adverse effects on digestion, kill various insect eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce various insects and digestive diseases.

The Working Principle Of Pellet Press Machine

  1. After the crushing table starts, it will idle for 2 to 3 minutes, and start feeding after there is no abnormal phenomenon.
  2. Work to pay attention to the running conditions of biomass pellet machine, feed to the average, in case of blocking stuffy car, do not overload for a long time.If there is vibration, noise, bearing and machine temperature over high, spraying materials to the outside, should immediately stop check, clean up the trouble ahead can continue to work.
  3. The crushed materials should be carefully checked, to avoid copper, iron, stone and other hard objects into the crushing room to form an accident.
  4. Operators do not wear gloves, feeding should stand on the side of the biomass pellet machine, in order to prevent the impact of debris rebound to the face.
  5. Long-term operation, should be fixed on the cement base. If often change open working place, pellet machine and electric motor should be installed on the machine base that makes with angle iron, if pellet machine diesel makes power, should make both power match, namely diesel engine power is bigger than crusher power slightly, make both belt wheel groove difference, outside belt wheel end face is on same plane.

Fusmar Machinery is a professional pellet making machine manufacturer, in order to meet the requirement of the customer, we not only provide a full set of feed pellet plant but also provide a single machine in each production process.  

The Best Animal Feed Pellet Machine On Sale


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