The Efficiency Improvement Method Of Feed Hammer Mill

The Efficiency Improvement Method Of Feed Hammer Mill

News Posted: 12/4/2019 12:51:14 AM

Hammer mill is a necessary equipment in the early production of many industries, especially pharmaceuticals, feed, food, paint, chemical industry. It has a wide range of versatility, can adjust the degree of grinding fineness. With high production efficiency, low energy consumption, safe use, convenient maintenance, and other advantages, so it has been favored by all walks of life.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional feed hammer mill manufacturer, this article will introduce the efficiency improvement method of feed hammer mill in detail.

Feed Mill Grinder Used In The Feed Pellet Plant

The feed mill grinder is necessary equipment in animal feed pellet plant. We supply three types of feed hammer mills, this one is called common feed hammer mill mainly used for grinding grain products that are to make into livestock feed pellets or poultry feed pellets. This grinding machine capacity varies according to the fineness. Compact structure, stable performance, good energy-saving effect make the livestock feed hammer mill wined great popularity with animal feed pellet plant.

The Efficiency Improvement Method Of Feed Hammer Mill

  1. Minimize the gap between the hammer and the tooth plate or the sieve. The smaller the gap between the hammer and the tooth plate or the sieve, the higher the frequency of the hammer impacting the material, and then the slower the circulation speed. Thereby improving the pulverization efficiency.
  2. The auxiliary measures can effectively improve the working efficiency of the crusher. The extraction system added in the crushing process to make the material easier to pass through the sieve hole, then improve the screening efficiency of the crusher and reduce the pressure of the crushing section.
  3. Fine pulverization and ultrafine pulverization: The micro pulverization and ultrafine pulverization require the crusherto operate at higher line speed. However, the higher the line speed of the crusher, the greater the noise, the smaller the safety factor, and the design is limited. The fine pulverization requires a sieve having a pore size of 1 mm or less, or even 0.5 or less. The micro-grinder achieves such fineness standards with low efficiency and high power consumption.

Selection Skills Of The Machine

  1. Firstly, according to the thickness required ofthe product, select the series of crushers that match the line speed of the hammer. If the line speed of the hammer does not match, the working efficiency of the hammer mill will reduce, and even the crusherwill not work normally. Slow line speed will cause a long crushing time, so that the materials piled up in the crushing room, causing paste screen. Then, reducing the sieving efficiency and effect, increasing the resistance of the hammer movement, causing the hammer mill to work abnormally. The line speed is too fast, which will cause smashing, uneven pellet size, and wasted power consumption.
  2. Select the crusher according to the output required ofthe production scale. The size of the crusher determines the size of the output. According to the configuration of the crushing process, the output of the selected crusher should be greater than 10% of the designed output.

Hope this article can help you know more feed hammer mill, if you have any question, please contact us.

The Efficiency Improvement Method Of Feed Hammer Mill


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