The height and use time of the columnar activated carbon

The height and use time of the columnar activated carbon

Article Posted: 12/2/2020 12:38:52 AM

Coal-based columnar activated carbon has a high-efficiency air purification function. The columnar activated carbon can create a comfortable and clean environment. The columnar activated carbon is more protective of human health. The coal-based activated carbon is an invisible air filter. activated carbon for air purification The columnar activated carbon is a combination of its physical adsorption and chemical decomposition. The function of decomposing harmful gases such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, cigarettes, oil fume and various peculiar smells in the air, especially carcinogenic aromatic substances.


Coal-based activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity. It is a commonly used adsorbent, catalyst or catalyst carrier. It is easy to fully contact with harmful gases in the air. Columnar activated carbon uses its own pores to absorb harmful gas molecules into the pores. Blow out fresh and clean air. Therefore, the family partners cannot do without coal-based columnar activated carbon. So do you know the height of the columnar activated carbon and the time of use?


1.What is the height of the space where the columnar activated carbon is placed? The height of the columnar activated carbon placement space is better within 180 cm. Indoor harmful gas, taking formaldehyde as an example, its specific gravity is greater than that of air, so the pollutants in the middle and lower parts of the indoor space are the most serious. This height is equivalent to the height of the human body, so it is the best placement height.


2.How long is the use time of columnar activated carbon? The use time of columnar activated carbon is about 20 days, and it can be used repeatedly after 3-5 hours in the sun. This step is necessary. Activated carbon has limited pores and will become saturated after a period of use, especially a large number of water molecules occupy a larger space in the activated carbon. Therefore, it must be exploded regularly to evaporate the water molecules in the activated carbon. 

The height and use time of the columnar activated carbon


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