The Main Steps That Affect The Processing Quality Of Floating Fish Feed Pellets

The Main Steps That Affect The Processing Quality Of Floating Fish Feed Pellets

News Posted: 1/6/2020 1:36:04 AM

Our company Fusmar manufactured floating fish feed pellet machine, welcome to visit our website and inquiry the machine details. This article will introduce the main steps that affect the processing quality of floating fish feed pellets in detail.

Before extruding, the focus of the floating fish feed pellet is whether the nutritional index is up to standard, whether the screening and cleaning work is up to standard, whether the crushing pellet size and mixing uniformity are up to standard, and so on. After extrusion, the focus is on the change of nutrition index, particle uniformity, specific gravity, powder content, appearance color, and so on.

Raw Material Formulations

The physical and chemical characteristics of raw materials, material pre-treatment, and formula ingredients will affect the processing quality of extruded materials. Specifically, the raw material puffing quality factor affects the feed puffing effect and the cost of puffing. Whether the material removed from impurities, whether the pellet size up to standard, or whether it subjected to pre-conditioning treatment will affect the puffing effect. The content of starch, fat and crude fiber in the feed formula determines to some extent the effect of feed puffing.

Process Equipment

The structure of the fish feed extruder (single shaft or dual shaft), the configuration of the process equipment (crushing, screening, drying and spraying) and the parameters of the extrusion die (single hole structure and die hole area) will affect the quality of the extruded material.

Extrusion Operation

The added amount of water and steam will affect the product fish feed pellets size and appearance color. Considering the production capacity requirements and the actual output of the factory, pay attention to the filling degree and material retention time control when adjusting the screw speed. And the control of the expansion temperature and pressure directly determined the degree of starch gelatinization and puffing.

Other Aspects

The wear and aging of the fish feed extruder equipment and whether the operator is novice will all affect the quality of the extruded product to a certain extent. This requires us to conduct training for novices and develop standardized operating manuals for reference, while regularly tracking the wear of spirals and molds to determine later maintenance and replacement.

Hope this article can help you know more about floating fish feed pellets. If you want to build your own fish feed production line, please contact us.  

The Main Steps That Affect The Processing Quality Of Floating Fish Feed Pellets


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