The Process Flow Of Pine Biomass Pellet Fuel

The Process Flow Of Pine Biomass Pellet Fuel

News Posted: 10/21/2019 2:49:39 AM

The raw material of biomass pellet fuel is quite extensive. It can be produced by crop straw, forestry processed scrap, even livestock manure, municipal waste, and so on. Biomass pellet fuel is different from traditional fuels such as coal and petroleum. Fuel is a new type of energy, renewable energy, and reused energy.

Biomass pellet fuel raw materials can be seen everywhere, through mechanical pulverization (hammer mill), drying, extrusion, granulation (biomass pellet machine) and other processes, and then finally finished into pellets. Since the raw materials are organic waste, the biomass fuel pellets are clean energy that easy to burn and has less smoke.

Many users have a certain understanding of the process flow of pine wood pellet fuel, but the specific details of production may not be very clear. This article will introduce the pine wood pellet production line process in detail.

The Crushing Of Raw Materials

Raw materials before processing are relatively long or relatively large. If the raw material crushed, the length of straw should be controlled at about 5cm, so as to avoid excessive raw materials entering the biomass pellet machine and causing the block machine.

The Drying Of Raw Materials

Since the raw material is relatively large in water recovery. If the user of the large biomass pellet machine can dry the raw material, the small processing needs to be air-dried, and the moisture of the raw material is generally controlled between 15% and 25%. Excessive moisture can easily block the ring die of the biomass pellet machine.

Raw Material Compression Pelletization

The raw material has a moderate moisture content after being dried and can be molded without pressing any additives when the particulate fuel is pressed by the wood pellet machine. It can produce a smooth and lustrous granular fuel.

Cooling Of Pine Pellet Fuel

The produced pine pellet fuel has a relatively high temperature and needs to be cooled through the cooling machine before being packaged. If the temperature is too high, the packaging is easy to produce water droplets to loosen the particles. Which is not conducive to sales.

The Packaging Of Pine Pellet Fuel

Pine pellet fuel can be packaged in a quantitative packaging machine. It can be packaged into 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, and so on, which is convenient for small users to use. It can also be made into tons of bags, which is convenient for large users to use and unload.

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The Process Flow Of Pine Biomass Pellet Fuel


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