The Reason That Affects Mechanism Charcoal hardness Of Charcoal Briquette Machine

The Reason That Affects Mechanism Charcoal hardness Of Charcoal Briquette Machine

News Posted: 3/27/2020 4:33:34 AM

The raw materials of mechanism charcoal machine containing biomass fibers that can produce machine-made charcoal, such as branches, straws, peanut shells, tree trunks, cotton straws, tea seed shells, fruit shells, weeds, leaves, and so on. It crushed into powder within 10mm by a crusher and dried by a dryer to make the moisture content within 12%. Into the charcoal briquette machine under high temperature and high pressure to shape (without any additives), and finally put into the carbonization furnace for carbonization, forms the finished mechanism charcoal.

Effect Of Temperature On The Hardness Of Charcoal Briquette Machine Products

The temperature of the charcoal machine equipment depends on the drying and carbonization speed of the raw materials. The calorific value of the mechanism charcoal increases with the charcoal carbonization time. If the carbonization temperature is 300 °, the mechanical strength is large. If the temperature is 400 °, the mechanical strength is small. If the carbonization temperature is further increased, the mechanical strength will also increase.

The Reason That Mechanism Charcoal Poor Quality  

  1. Raw materials are not clean: the main way to solve this problem is to control the transportation process of raw materials and try to ensure that raw materials are not contaminated in the transportation process. On the other hand, the storage conditions of raw materials are controlled to avoid the pollution of wind, sand,and soil. At the same time to control the source of raw materials.
  2. 2. The raw material itself ash content is high: for example, the ash content of rice husks, straws, weeds, etc. is relatively large, so the carbon ash content is relatively large. Generally speaking, this charcoal cannot be used in the barbecue and can only be used in the industry.
  3. High carbonization temperature: if the temperature in the carbonization process is too high, the carbon element will be bound to hydrogen and oxygen. In this way, the carbon will be relatively light, and the ash content will not be less, which means that the ash content of the carbon will increase. If mechanism charcoal too much ash may not sell.

As long as the methods are selected correctly, the charcoal making machine runs very stably. Which will greatly shorten the product cycle and improve product quality.

Hope this article can help you to know more about mechanism charcoal. If you want to build your own charcoal briquete production line, please contact us.

The Reason That Affects Mechanism Charcoal hardness Of Charcoal Briquette Machine


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