The Response Technical Of Tilapia/Fish Feed Machine

The Response Technical Of Tilapia/Fish Feed Machine

News Posted: 9/5/2019 4:19:51 AM

Tilapia farming is inseparable from fish feed pellets, fish feed machine is an essencial machinery to make fish feed pellets. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional feed pellet machine manufacturer, this article will introduce the response technical of tilapia breeding is not efficient in detail.

Do Well Pond Choice And Disinfection

The best pond for tilapia cultivation should be sunny, leewind to the sun, and the bottom of the pond should be rich in silt with a thickness of about 15cm. So as to ensure that tilapia can dig nests and inhabit. Before tilapia cultivation, if it is an anhydrous pond after cleaning the pond, 100 kg/mu of quicklime mixed with water can be used to disinfect the whole pond. If it is a pond with a certain amount of water, then use quicklime 130 kg/mu mixed with water to disinfect the whole pond, killing diseases and insect pests in the water.

Knowledge The Best Time To Release Tilapia

Tilapia is a tropical fish, and the flourishing period is from May to October every year. Therefore, fish species generally stocked in mid-May, and after 5 months of careful breeding, they can become satisfied products. In the middle and late October, they can be harvested and marketed.

Do A Good Job Of Purchasing And Stocking

  1. Purchase male tilapia fry:When purchasing fry varieties, you should go to the regular tilapia farm to buy, and buy the whole male tilapia. Because the male fry will not spawn and progeny, and the growth performance is good. Natural production will increase.
  2. Disinfection treatment:Because the purchased fish species may cause pests and diseases before the fish species are placed in the pool, they should be immersed in 4% saline for 8 minutes to kill the pests before they are put into the pond.
  3. Precautions for fish:First, the water temperature must be above 17 ?, the second is to stagger the cold wave period.

Do A Good Job In Feed Feeding

Since tilapia is an omnivorous fish, it can be eaten by various farm fish feed pellet and natural bait. However, in commercial farming, in order to speed up the growth of fish, it is better to feed the full-price compound feed because of this feed. The protein content is above 32%, which greatly promotes the growth rate of tilapia. During juvenile fish culture, tilapia mainly feed on benthic organisms, aquatic insects, small fish shrimp, and sometimes eat some duckweed and water plants, etc.

During the period of culture, tilapia mainly feeds on full-price compound feed. When feeding feed, it should be timed and quantitative through feeding machine to ensure the continuous growth of fish. It should be noted that: during the rainy weather, the amount of feed should be reduced, preventing waste of feed and increasing residual bait to produce water quality corruption.

Do A Good Job In Aquaculture Management

  1. Fertilizer water regulation:When the pond water quality is too fat, take water every 14 days, each time the water exchange volume is 1/4 of the whole pool. When the water temperature is high, increase the number of water changes appropriately. When the pond water quality is too thin, it can be applied once every 15 days to adjust the water quality of the bio-fertilizer. The water body transparency kept above 35 cm, and the watercolor is yellow-green, which meets the normal growth water quality of tilapia.
  2. Increase dissolved oxygen:When starting the aerator, adhere to the principle of starting at noon on a sunny day, starting on a cloudy morning, starting up on arainy day, and starting up for about 3 hours each time. Measuring the dissolved oxygen content of the water once a day to ensure the dissolved oxygen in the water up to 4 mg/liter.
  3. Control water temperature:Because tilapia is most suitable for growing water temperature is 24 ~ 34 ° C, if the water temperature is lower than 14 ° C, tilapia will not eat, if the water temperature is lower than 11 ° C, tilapia will naturally die.So after entering the winter, the weather is cold and the water temperature is low. It is necessary to keep the maximum water level of the pond at any time, increase the water temperature at the bottom of the pond, and ensure that the tilapia grows normally. 

Choosing a suitable fish feed production line equipment and making fish feed pellets by yourself, it will significantly improve the capacity of tilapia. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the growth process of tilapia. If you can further master the technology of making fish feed pellets, you can also greatly reduce the cost, thereby increasing profits.  

The Response Technical Of Tilapia/Fish Feed Machine


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