Things You Need To Know About Auto Packing Machine

Things You Need To Know About Auto Packing Machine

News Posted: 11/26/2019 12:45:15 AM

Auto packing machine is a new generation of intelligent packaging scale. Our company Fusmar developded auto packing scale has a high weighing accuracy, large handling capacity, simple structure, low energy consumption, low noise, long service life, good sealing, no dust overflow, convenient maintenance, and so on. It can use in the automation of assembly line production. The material can measure to the customer's requirements, it has an irreplaceable role and value.

Things You Need To Know About Auto Packing Machine

Automatic quantitative packing scale applied to automatic quantitative packing in automatic production of industry and agriculture. It has the characteristics of quick weighing speed, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and so on. New and beautiful appearance, low noise, low energy consumption, improve production efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the working environment.

Application Scope Of The Auto Paking Machine

Grain seeds, rice, corn, soybean, rice, fertilizer granules, feed pellets, rubber granules, plastic particles, inorganic salt, industrial salt, metal particles, grease, sugar, food, chemical industry, light industry and other granular material of quantitative packaging. The package machine made of stainless steel.

Structural Components

This machine integrates lift, automatic weighing, automatic sewing bag into one. Easy to move, direct docking.

It mainly composed of material import, feeding mechanism (gate), weighing bucket, bag clamping mechanism, rack, suction tuyere, pneumatic system, sensor, control box, conveying, and stitching mechanism.

The Working Principle Of Auto Paking Machine

The machine integrates automatic weighing and conveying sewing bag into one, structure compact reasonable. 

It adopted the belt type feeding. The material enters the buffer bin through the belt, and then sent to the weighing hopper through the feed belt controlled by frequency conversion. The feeding amount is controlled by controlling the speed of the belt. Once the weighing hopper reaches the set weight, the pneumatic gate of the weighing hopper will open automatically and then the material will enter the packaging bag directly from the weighing hopper. The bag holder will open through the control system and the material bag will send away through the conveyor belt.

The Advantage Of The Machine

  1. Use high stability, high precision weighing sensor and weighing module. The interface is simple to operate and intuitive to display.
  2. Independent packaging weight input and weighing weight display window, which adopts high-brightness LED display. Menu operation is simpleandintuitive. Manual assistance upper bag (or barrel), pneumatic bag clamping.
  3. Independent weighing system, weighing accuracy is highand fast, otherwise, the weighing sensor using toli multi weighing sensor.
  4. Asynchronous motor control screw feeding, inverter speed regulation, large and small double helix speed measurement feeding, high control accuracy.
  5. The whole machine made of stainless steel except for motor, cylinder, electrical accessories, pneumatic components,and sewing machine.

Hope this article can help you know more auto packing machine, if you want to build your own poultry farming or feed pellet plant, please contact us. Because we are a professional feed pellet production line machine manufacturer with about many years in this industry. We will provide complete solution to meet your demand.

Things You Need To Know About Auto Packing Machine


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