Things You Need To Know About Feed Pellet Grinder Feed Hammer Mill

Things You Need To Know About Feed Pellet Grinder Feed Hammer Mill

News Posted: 9/28/2019 11:19:35 PM

Feed pellet grinder is a kind of processing machine, it has widely used in the processing feed, grinding corns into the animal feed pellets. It can also grind the rice into noodles or even herbal medicines, etc. In this article, we will share things about this machine.

Feed Pellet Grinder Classifications

  1. Hammer Grinder

The hammer type has the characteristics of simple structure, high productivity, strong adaptability, good effect of processing roughage, convenient use and maintenance, etc., and the occupancy in the whole feed processing and pulverizer is about 90%. However, its power consumption is high and the crushing efficiency is not high.

  1. Claw Grinder

The claw type has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, lightweight and finer crushing size. It is suitable for crushing fine materials with less fiber, but its noise is large, the claws are easy to be damaged and worn, and the dry feed for multi-fiber Poor adaptability.

How To Choose The Feed Pellet Grinder 

  1. Choose The Grinder According To The Material

For the crushed grain feed, the top-loaded hammer mill can be selected; the crushed bran-grain wheat feed mainly used, and the claw crusher can be selected; Both the cake valley and the straw, the tangential feed hammer mill can be selected; the mineral feed such as shells can be crushed, and the shell-free sieve mill can be used; if used as a pre-mix feed pretreatment, the product powder is very fine. If it can be adjusted according to needs, special non-screen crusher should be selected.

  1. Choose The Grinder According To The Capacity

The specifications of the general pulverizer and the nameplate of the machine all carry the rated production capacity (kg/hr) of the pulverizer, but it should be noted that the rated production capacity refers to the output under certain conditions, such as grain, which means that the pulverized raw material is corn. The water content is about 13% for safe storage and 1.2 mm for the mesh. Because it is a commonly used small sieve hole, the production capacity is small, so it should be considered when selecting. The production capacity of the selected model should be slightly larger than the production capacity required by the sinus. Otherwise, the hammer is worn, the air duct is leaked, etc. When capacity reduces, it will affect the continuous production supply of feed.

  1. Choose The Grinder According To The Matching Power

When the smashing raw materials are different, the required power is quite different. For example, under the same working conditions, the smashing sorghum is twice as powerful as the smashing corn. When changing to different sieve holes, the load of the pulverizer is increased. Tests have shown that when the 9FQ-60 type pulverizer uses a sieve of 1.2 mm mesh, the motor capacity should be 40 kW; when replacing the sieve with a diameter of 2 mm, a 30 kW motor can be used. Users should choose the matching power machine according to their needs.

  1. Choose The Grinder According To The Discharge Method

The pulverized product is output through the discharge device, and generally has three forms: self-weight blanking, negative pressure suction, and mechanical conveying. The small single machine adopts the self-weight blanking method; the medium-sized pulverizer mostly has the negative pressure suction device, which has the advantages of sucking away the moisture in the finished product, reducing the humidity in the finished product, facilitating storage and improving the pulverization efficiency by 10% to 15%. Reduce the dust level of the crushing chamber.

Feed pellet grinder is an important machine in the material processing system. The effect of the material grinding will directly influence the appearance of the feed pellets. If you want to know more about this machine, please contact us.

Things You Need To Know About Feed Pellet Grinder Feed Hammer Mill


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