Using A Animal Feed Pellet Machine To Make Animal Feed Pellets

Using A Animal Feed Pellet Machine To Make Animal Feed Pellets

News Posted: 9/26/2019 4:05:12 AM

The animal feed pellet is widespread use and improvement in the modern breeding industry. When using animal feed pellets, we should also pay attention to the corresponding safety issues, we must purchase safe and quality sheep feed pellets. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional animal feed machine feed pellet machine manufacturer, this article will introduce the importance of feed pellets for raising sheep in detail.

The Importance Of Feed Pellets For Sheep Growth

Now, there are more and more farmers to raise sheep, because they have considerable economic benefits. However, on the issue of sheep feed, the sheep farmers have many concerns. Successful farming is not an easy task. Not only must we consider the growth characteristics and habits of the flock itself, but how to properly feed the breeders, including sheep feed and sheep house, are the key issues that need to be treated with rigor.

In the past, farmers were simply feeding with stalks of straw, but nowadays, with increasing demand, strict requirements and innovations have been put forward for sheep feed. More farmers pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of sheep feed, and the popularization of high-quality concentrated sheep feed has allowed farmers to taste the sweetness. Sheep feed contains high nutritional value, and the nutrient content is relatively balanced. The amino acid, protein, and other ingredients are all scientifically and reasonably proportioned, which can effectively satisfy the growth of the flock. For the lamb, it can shorten them to a large extent. The slaughtering time, speeding up the growth rate does not neglect its nutritional health, because the sheep feed contains factors beneficial to the rumen, which has a positive effect on intestinal digestion. For the ewes, it can effectively meet the nutrition in the production period, effectively prevent the occurrence of dystocia or fainting in the production process.

Feed pellet processing technology

The pellet feed is one of the products for the production of compound feed and is a granular feed made of a mixture or a single feed (grass, cake, etc.) by feed pellet mill. Usually cylindrical, various sizes are depending on the type of animal being fed.

The feed processing technology is: from the receipt of raw materials to the finished product (with powder or pellet feed) all the production process. The complete compound feed processing process includes raw materials receiving, cleaning, crushing, compounding, mixing, pelleting, cooling, crushing, screening, finished weighing and packaging, and other main processes(feed pellet machinery equipment), and ventilation and dust removal, grease addition, enzyme addition, raw material storage, and other auxiliary processes.

Pay Attention To The Palatability Of The Feed Pellets.

Improving the palatability of the feed not only require an understanding of the inherent qualities of the feed ingredients but also factors that can have a positive or negative effect on the palatability of the feed.

From the point of view of taste, the main factors affecting the flavor of feed ingredients are: the nutrition and quality of the feed ingredients themselves (balance of nutrition or whether they contain anti-nutritional factors and palatability factors), the freshness of feed ingredients, and the physical properties of feed ingredients ( Whether it is damaged or destroyed), deterioration of raw materials (oxidation, mildew, pollution), addition of additives (minerals, drugs), etc.

The fresh feed ingredients have good palatability, and whether the raw materials are damaged or not has different degrees of influence on the palatability, and once the raw materials are deteriorated (mildew, oxidation, pollution), the palatability will greatly reduce.

Feed pellet machine is indispensable production equipment in the process of feed pellets, Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery as a professional animal feed machine manufacturer. In order to meet the various needs of customers, we not only provide a complete feed pellet production line but also provide a single machine in each production process.


Using A Animal Feed Pellet Machine To Make Animal Feed Pellets


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