What are the 3 major applications of nutshell activated carbon

What are the 3 major applications of nutshell activated carbon

Article Posted: 1/12/2021 2:08:24 AM

As an adsorbent, nutshell activated carbon has strong adsorption and catalytic properties, sufficient raw materials and high safety, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, insoluble in water and organic solvents, easy regeneration, etc. powdered carbon bulk 
Pollutants such as benzene compounds, phenolic compounds, petroleum and petroleum products have strong adsorption capacity, and have strong adsorption capacity for organic pollutants that are difficult to remove by biological and other chemical methods, such as chromaticity, methylene blue surface active substances, herbicides, Pesticides, synthetic dyes and many synthetic organic compounds have good removal effects.


Gas phase adsorption nut shell activated carbon


Recovery and adsorption of organic solvents such as toluene, benzene, xylene, oil and gas, acetone, CS2; decoration and deodorization, cigarette filters, industrial gas purification (such as CO2, N2, etc.), indoor air purification (removal of formaldehyde, benzene, etc.) Natural gas purification, deodorization, desulfurization, and waste gas treatment; air deodorization and purification in paint, biochemical industry, leather factories, underground places, and animal breeding places; sulfide adsorption and odor adsorption of flue gas, removal of mercury vapor, Reduce the generation of dioxin.


Nutshell activated carbon for high-demand fields


Precious metal catalyst and gold extraction, synthesis of diamond, catalyst and catalyst carrier (platinum-carbon catalyst, ruthenium-carbon catalyst, palladium-carbon catalyst, rhodium-carbon catalyst). activated carbon pellets for sale High-performance fuel cells, blood purification, electric double-layer supercapacitors, car canisters, energy storage materials, lithium battery anode materials, military, aerospace and other high-demand fields.


Activated carbon for liquid adsorption of nut shell


Tap water, electronic ultrapure water preparation and medical water purification; purification, decolorization and impurity removal of xylose, sucrose, medicines, monosodium glutamate, chemical products, citric acid, food additives; purification and filtration of grease, gasoline, oil, and diesel oil , Decolorization, impurity removal, impurity removal, purification, and deodorization of alcohol and beverages; refining, filtration, purification, and decolorization of pharmaceutical chemical, fine chemical, and biological pharmaceutical process products; domestic wastewater purification, environmental protection engineering wastewater COD reduction, decolorization, and deodorization .


What are the 3 major applications of nutshell activated carbon


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