What are the activated carbon production processes

What are the activated carbon production processes

Article Posted: 11/24/2020 10:30:32 PM

Activated carbon is an amorphous carbon composed of more than 80%-90% carbon elements, and its appearance is black powder, honeycomb, granular or block. Activated carbon has a large specific surface area, and has good adsorption capacity for gas, inorganic or organic substances in solution, and colloidal particles. In the production of wanyang activated carbon, the production process of activated carbon is as follows:


Activated carbon production process:


  1. The raw materials of activated carbon are sawdust, nut shell, coconut shell and bituminous coal. The first step is to carbonize the raw material of activated carbon, which is to heat the raw material under the condition of isolating the air. Generally, the temperature is dried at 170°C to 600°C, and the raw material is first dissolved in inorganic salt and then carbonized. After carbonization of activated carbon raw materials, gases such as water vapor, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen will be separated and liberated.


  1. The carbide is activated again by reacting with an activator such as steam and charcoal. In the endothermic reaction, a mixed gas composed of CO and H2 is mainly produced, which is used to burn and heat the carbonized material to a temperature of 800°C to 1000°C, so as to burn out all the decomposable substances in it, thereby producing a developed micropore structure and huge The specific surface area, so it has a strong adsorption capacity. Activated carbon produced from different raw materials has different pore diameters. Among them, the pore diameter of coconut shell is the smallest, the pore diameter of wood activated carbon is generally larger, and the pore diameter of coal-based activated carbon is between the two.www.yrdcarbon.com
What are the activated carbon production processes


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