What are the main raw materials for activated carbon? Which raw material is the best?

What are the main raw materials for activated carbon? Which raw material is the best?

Article Posted: 10/16/2020 3:29:03 AM

Activated carbon is a positively charged carbon that attracts negatively charged contaminants and chemicals like chlorine. ningxia activated carbon It’s a more porous form of carbon which having a larger surface area for contaminants adsorption, make it a better choice for filtration than its base form.The activated carbon is mostly made from the following three raw materials:


  1. Bituminous Coal (Best compared to anthracite and lignite coal)
  • Pros: High availability, higher mineral content, and low cost.
  • Cons: Require mining, may affect water taste, less clean, vulnerable to pollutants, and has larger pores compared to others.


  1. Wood
  • Pros: Renewable, does not require mining, and can decolorize and remove the bad taste from water.
  • Cons: Not easily available due to longer time to produced (trees take time to grow) and has limited filtration capability due to large pore size.


  1. Coconut Shell
  • Pros: Renewable, easily available, and has the highest density and porosity compared to other materials.


Out of these three, coconut shell is the most effective one in term of contaminants removal due to its micropores size, which makes it the best sourcing materials for activated carbon.


Until today, activated carbon is the most ideal way to get rid of bad tastes, smells, odors, and chemicals from water, which makes it one of the most effective filtration technologies that are widely used in the drinking water treatment industry.


It can be used alone (eg: faucet water filter, inline water filter, countertop water filter) or combine with other filtration technologies to filter more contaminants.


Filtration properties commonly specified are pore size and contaminant reduction objectives. Pore size typically is indicated in a micron rating, which represents the minimum size of particles to be mechanically filtered out of the product water.


In the market, the activated carbon filters for water come with different parameters such as capacity (gallons of filtered water before replacement), flow rate (measured in gallons per minute), operating pressure (psi), operating temperature, and pore size (micron rating, ranging from 50 to 0.5 microns nominal).


The micron rating indicates how small the particles it can mechanically filter out from the water.That mean, it’s capable to block contaminants with size from 50 microns all the way down to 0.5 microns which make it the preferred choice from the majority of manufacturers and consumers.www.activated-carbon-pellets.com

What are the main raw materials for activated carbon? Which raw material is the best?


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