What are the selection skills of columnar activated carbon

What are the selection skills of columnar activated carbon

Article Posted: 3/19/2021 3:39:41 AM
  1. Look at the color: Activated carbon is generally made of coal and fruit shells, sawdust, wood, bamboo, etc. The production method is roughly the same, and activated by carbonization. powdered carbon The general appearance is black and shiny objects, no matter what kind of activated carbon only needs to be black or dark black, shiny and shiny are good activated carbon. Some poor-quality appearances are gray or light gray, dark gray, and have no luster.


  1. Look at the strength: whether it is a nut shell, coconut shell, or columnar, its strength is generally above 90%. Coconut shell activated carbon will feel a little if you grasp it. The columnar activated carbon can open a small particle by hand, and it will be heard for a short time. Dynamic. The above two types of activated carbon are forced to rub in the hand or a small amount of powder falls to indicate that the strength is reached, otherwise the activated carbon is relatively poor.


  1. Look at the weight: good activated carbon is generally light in weight, which means that the lighter the specific gravity, the better, and the better the specific gravity of activated carbon: one cubic meter is equal to 450-550 kilograms. Usually, it can be distinguished by the feel. It is light or heavy, and the activated carbon with heavier specific gravity is second-class or third-class.


  1. Measure adsorption: In the absence of laboratory equipment, the powdered activated carbon manufacturer tells you a good way, only a transparent container is needed. Bottle or cup can be used to check whether the adsorption value of activated carbon is good or bad. wy activated carbon First fill the cup with drinking water or clean transparent water, and put a small amount of activated carbon into the cup. Then there will be a lot of bubble-shaped lines and squat up to see the length of time. Looking at the density foam, you can see the quality of activated carbon.
What are the selection skills of columnar activated carbon


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