What are the types of activated carbon filters

What are the types of activated carbon filters

Article Posted: 3/29/2021 4:15:11 AM

Activated carbon filters remove significantly higher concentrations of pollutants than regular carbon, but some of them have some slight differences. Some filters contain more or less activated carbon than others, which can impact their filtering capacity, the speed at which they absorb, etc. granular activated carbon cost Besides, high levels of activated carbon extend the lifespan of a filter. Consequently, it will require fewer replacements and keep producing filtered water for longer.


Activated carbon filters usually come in two main types: granular activated carbon (GAC) filters and carbon block filters.


GAC filters contain loose millimeter-sized granules of activated carbon that can detect and filter contaminants that would often go undetected in some other types of filters. The filter media used in these filters are usually coconut shell, coal, wood, and a few others, with coconut shell carbon being the most renewable.https://www.yrdcarbon.com


GAC filters are perfect for water purification because:


  1. They’re porous, inexpensive, and readily available for use as absorbents
  2. They have more useful surface area per gram than any other material available for physical adsorption
  3. They aren’t as restrictive as carbon block filters, thus allowing water to flow through the carbon at a faster rate
  4. They last longer
  5. The activated carbon can be re-activated, unlike the single-use powdered granules in carbon block filters


Despite all those excellent benefits, a significant issue with GAC filters is that the water can sometimes cut a path through the carbon and allow contaminants to pass through.


On the other hand, carbon block filters are made of finely powdered granules (usually 1 micron or less in size) and a binding agent that holds the granules together, so they don’t move about each other. The combination of the pellets and the binding agent is then heated and formed into blocks. Inside a carbon filter are three main types of filter media: bituminous coal, wood-based media, and coconut-shell media.


Carbon block filters provide 7 to 10 times more surface area than GAC filters and prevent channeling. However, the compact structure of the granules is likely to result in a lower flow rate, which may be an issue for some people.

 What are the types of activated carbon filters


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