What is the water purification effect of nutshell activated carbon

What is the water purification effect of nutshell activated carbon

Article Posted: 12/26/2020 1:43:30 AM

Speaking of activated charcoal from fruit shells, everyone definitely thinks that it is made of fruit shells, yes, but not all fruit shells can be used. The shell activated carbons we commonly use are high-quality walnut shells, peach shells, apricot shells, and jujube shells. powdered activated carbon wastewater treatment Raw materials are processed through carbonization and activation processes. Nutshell activated carbon can not only purify the air and purify water, but also be widely used in the decolorization and purification of food liquor. Next, I will mainly talk about the application and effect of nutshell activated carbon in water purification.


The raw materials for the production of nutshell activated carbon are various high-quality and environmentally friendly nutshells. The nutshell activated carbon has: non-toxic, tasteless, sterile, harmless, low ash, less impurities, high adsorption performance, strong decolorization ability, fast filtration speed, and durability It has the advantages of good grinding strength, developed gap, high strength, easy regeneration, economy and durability. Activated carbon purifies water only by physical adsorption, does not produce chemical reactions, and can effectively clean impurities in the water, allowing people to drink healthy drinking water.


The essence of water purification by activated carbon filter material adsorption method is to use its developed internal void structure and huge specific surface area to adsorb and remove chromaticity, colloids, smell, organic radioactive substances, etc. in the water, so that the water is purified, and it is the most widely used Water purification materials.


Studies have shown that activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity for organics in the molecular weight range of 500-1000. The adsorption of activated carbon on organic matter is affected by its pore size distribution and the characteristics of organic matter, mainly by the polarity and molecular size of the organic matter. bulk activated carbon For organic matter of the same size, the greater the solubility and the stronger the hydrophilicity, the poorer the adsorption of activated carbon to it. On the contrary, it has stronger adsorption capacity for organic matter with low solubility, poor hydrophilicity and weak polarity.


What is the water purification effect of nutshell activated carbon


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