Why Choose Fish Feed Pellets To Feed Your Fish

Why Choose Fish Feed Pellets To Feed Your Fish

News Posted: 5/15/2020 3:33:11 AM

Fish feed pellet machine is a feed processing machine that directly presses the crushed materials of soybean meal, bran, grass, fish meal, bean cake, barley, corn meal, and other materials into fish feed pellets.

Why Choose Fish Feed Pellets To Feed Your Fish

  1. The fish pellet feed should not be stored for too long. If the storage time is too long, it will cause dehydration mildew and affect the use-value of the pellet feed. Feeding the spoiled fish pellet feed will make the fish susceptible to disease. Fusmar Machinery recommends that users best produce feed pellets while feeding.
  2. When the total amount of bait is unchanged, the number of baits should be increased to reduce the amount of bait each time. So that the fish is always in a semi-hungry state, which can increase the bait utilization rate and reduce the bait coefficient.
  3. Before using the pellet feed, a short period of domestication should be carried out to make the fish form a fixed food court and a fixed time of feeding habits. The bait should be evenly distributed every time, the feeding time should be no less than 30 minutes, and the feeding area is 40 ?~ 60 ?, so that every fish can eat bait.
  4. The diameter of the fish pellet feed should be reasonable. When the fry is stocked, the water temperature is low, the growth is slow, and the size is small. It is more suitable to control the pelletsize to 2 mm. As the temperature rises and the fry grows, the feed pelletsize is 3 mm ~ 3.5 mm, the pellet size in the later stage of breeding is 4 mm to 4.5 mm.
  5. Addingsalt appropriately to prevent fish diseases. When using fish feed extruderto press the pellet feed for fish, Fusmar Machinery recommends that 1% of the table salt be evenly mixed into the raw materials, which can sterilize and prevent fish diseases.
  6. Fertilize reasonably. Fish ponds fed with fish pellet feed should be properly fertilized to promote the growth and reproduction of plankton, increase the fish production.

The Advantages Of Fish Feed Pellets For Feeding Fish

A large amount of data has proved that the fish pellet feed made by fish feed production line machinery has comprehensive nutrition, strong stability. It is not easy to collapse in water and not easy to pollute the water body, and is easy to digest and absorb. Fully meet the growth needs of fish, so as to speed up the growth of fish.  

Fusmar Machinery warmly reminds: Never use prohibited drugs in the safe fish feed pellets, otherwise the fish will not grow well. Which will affect the sale and benefit, and also affect people's health.

Why Choose Fish Feed Pellets To Feed Your Fish


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