Why Choose Flat Die Pellet Machine Homemade Pellet Mill

Why Choose Flat Die Pellet Machine Homemade Pellet Mill

News Posted: 10/16/2019 2:02:58 AM

If you are interested in the homemade pellet mill, please read this article.

Why Choose Flat Die Pellet Machine

Our company Fusmar is a professional flat die pellet machine manufacturer, This machine is specially designed for poultry breeding and small feed farm. It can make corn, wheat, rice, and soybean, ect into the feed of pig, cow, sheep, rabbit, chicken, duck, fish and so on.

It is mainly suitable for the processing and production of all kinds of livestock and aquatic pellet feed for medium and small-scale farmers, which can reduce the breeding cost. The surface of pellets is bright and clean, with moderate hardness.

Work will have been mixed first good powder feed hopper, do not need to heat water, without drying, natural-born temperature to 70-80 degrees, the extrusion forming, processing, and particle surface is smooth, moderate hardness, curing deep inside, can make the starch gelatinization, clotting protein denaturation, improve the nutritional value and the digestion and absorption ability, ensure the quality of feed and can be stored for a long time.

Structure Of Flat Die Pellet Machine

It is divided into two parts, the transmission part, and the pelletization part. The transmission part is divided into the motor, universal joint and gearbox, and the pelletization part includes a big shaft and pelleting chamber.

Main Performance Features

  1. The press roller of this feed pellet mill adopts an inclined wheel. The speed of both ends is the same as that of the inner and outer ring of the die plate, and there is no dislocation friction between the wheel and the die, which reduces the resistance, reduces the loss of kinetic energy, and prolongs the service life of the die, which is a major difference from similar compression molding equipment. At the same time, the technology is very advanced today.
  2. The press roll is set evenly, smooth operation put an end to the ordinary flat die press roll easy to feed phenomenon.
  3. Adopt the central pressure regulating structure to adapt to different materials and ensure the pressing effect. Wood chips, corn straw, and other compression molding need a lot of pressure, in the same pelleting equipment, the roller part is the central part of the whole equipment, and the use of high-quality alloy steel, improve the service life of the roller.
  4. The homemade pellet machineis equipped with a variety of dies, suitable for granulation of different materials, to achieve the best effect.

Working Principle Of Flat Die Pellet Machine

The feed pellet mill to circular motion as the principle, template and press roller is made of high-quality alloy steel after special treatment, spindle and die under the effect of friction, the drive roller rotation, the material between the roller and template high temperature gelatinization, clotting protein denaturation, under the roller extruding from the eduction in die hole, made of pellets are sent out with the left closed, adjustable pellets through incision length.

Flat Die Pellet Machine Advantages

  1. The transmission part is equipped with an automatic filter cycle lubrication system to ensure constant lubrication of the gear and large shaft bearings.
  2. The granulating chamber is equipped with an automatic intermittent oil supply and lubrication system to ensure the lubrication of the roller bearing.
  3. Cone pressure wheel to reduce unnecessary friction.
  4. With the observation door, check at any time, easy to maintain.
  5. The gear change is equipped with a fan to ensure the good cooling effect of the body.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery as a professional flat die pellet machine manufacturer, in order to meet the requirement of customers, we not only provide a complete set of production line but also provide a single machine in the process of animal feed production, such as animal feed hammer mill, feed pellet machine, cooling machine, packing machine etc.

Why Choose Flat Die Pellet Machine Homemade Pellet Mill


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