Wide Application Of Mechanism Charcoal Briquette Making Machine Supplier

Wide Application Of Mechanism Charcoal Briquette Making Machine Supplier

News Posted: 11/19/2019 2:05:54 AM

Mechanism charcoal also called regenerative charcoal. It mainly made of woody scraps and then extruded into a charcoal stick. Generally, use sawdust, shavings and rice husks as the best raw materials. The mechanism charcoal produced in this way has the characteristics of high calorific value, smokeless, odorless, no pollution and flammability etc., it is an internationally recognized green environmental protection product.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional charcoal briquette machine manufacturer, this article we will introduce mechanism charcoal in detail.

Widespread Use Of Mechanism Charcoal

The demand for charcoal press machine in the market is rising, thanks to the widespread use of mechanism charcoal. Demand for charcoal in industry, agriculture and life is rising, giving charcoal briquette machine a high sales volume.

  1. The mechanism charcoal produced by charcoalpressmachine can use for heating, grilling and crucible. Because of its smokeless taste, large heat generation and long burning time, it is more and more popular.
  2. Mechanism charcoal has a number of vertical and horizontal holes, these holes have the function of adsorbing a variety of substances and releasing adsorbed substances, so people use it as a desiccant. When it is wet, charcoal absorbs moisture. When it is dry, it will release the absorbed moisture, which can effectively adjust the humidity. In addition, mechanism charcoal can also eliminate odors and harmful substances in the room.
  3. Mechanism charcoal can help preserve food, use it as a deodorant on the refrigerator.

Industrial Application Of Mechanism Charcoal

  1. Metallurgical industry.In the past, charcoal was used to smelt iron ore. The pig iron smelted with charcoal and coke, even if the chemical composition is the same, its structure and mechanical properties are still different. The pig iron produced by charcoal smelting generally has a fine-grained structure, and the castings are tight and have no cracking characteristics. The pig iron produced bymechanism charcoal has less impurities and is suitable for producing high-quality steel.
  2. The manufacture of carburizing agents.All steel products requiring high hardness and wear resistance on the surface and good toughness in the center are carburized. The carbonaceous mixture used to carburize steel products is called a carburizing agent. The charcoal effect of pure charcoal is poor. Therefore, mechanism charcoal is commonly used as a raw material, and a certain amount of contact agent is added to prepare a carburizing agent.
  3. Carbon disulfide production.Mechanism charcoal is a raw material for the production of carbon disulfide. The charcoal used to make carbon disulfide should be hard, have a large volume, have a small ash and moisture content, and have a high fixed carbon content.
  4. The suppression of charcoal bricks. Crushed charcoal transportation is inconvenient and the use is also affected. The method of pressing charcoal bricks can turn the value of charcoal into a high-quality fuel. Charcoal bricks have the advantages of low hygroscopicity and water absorption, high specific gravity and high calorific value, and have high mechanical strength during use.
  5. Charcoal desiccant.It is composed of several natural minerals and has a grayish white appearance. It is non-toxic and harmless and is an environmentally friendly desiccant that is degradable.The moisture absorption rate is over 50%.
  6. The use of activated carbon.Activated carbon is currently used in the production of glucose, medicine and monosodium glutamate, and is also involved in environmental protection, as a catalyst and as a catalyst carrier.

The Difference Between mechanism charcoal and other charcoal

The biggest advantage of this mechanism charcoal compared to ordinary charcoal is:

  1. Environmental protection:Do not cut down trees, usethe waste of bamboo and wood products to produce, and turn waste into treasure. The production of ordinary charcoal requires cutting down trees and destroying the ecological environment.
  2. High energy:Fixed carbon content of about 80%, calorific value of 7500-8000kcal/kg, while charcoal fixed carbon content is low, calorific value of about 6500kcal/kg.
  3. Clean and hygienic:Smokeless carbon-free head, burning without sparks, the residual ash naturally does not float during the burning, ash or 3% or so burning after burning, less ash, flammable.
  4. Shape rules.Reasonable structure, easy to use,a uniform length and size, hollow or solid structure, conducive to combustion and use.
  5. Low water content.Within 5%, it’s lower thanordinary charcoal water content.
  6. Not contain chemical substances.Non-toxic and no odor, no pollution, long burning time and so on.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is carefully crafted with technology, and a full set of various types of charcoal briquette production line. Constantly updated in production, the product quality continues to improve, while reducing production costs, so that our products cost-effective value for money, to meet the needs of different customers.

Wide Application Of Mechanism Charcoal Briquette Making Machine Supplier


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