How Can Companies Succeed With Ibm Power Systems?

Parsippany United States

Data is transforming how businesses fundamentally operate – and the data influx is only beginning. IDC’s paper, Data Age 2025, forecasts a ten-fold increase in worldwide data by 2025[1].

Business leaders are increasingly looking to turn these increasing amounts of data into a competitive advantage by deriving real-time insights from it. To achieve this, IT has moved to the forefront of business operations, driven by the need to assimilate data from a wide range of sources, so that the business can reap value from big data while avoiding losing ground to their competitors.

Yet how can companies really unlock value with servers and data-driven solutions?

Part of the answer lies in a new approach to data management. There is greater pressure to deliver instantaneous business insights from data that is increasing in both volume and complexity. The demand for managing and accessing this data requires foundational technologies that are also rapidly evolving. While much of the focus is rightly placed on the data itself, and the ways in which an organization can use it, proper tooling (hardware and software) underlying that data strategy is critical for success.

IBM® Power Systems provide the infrastructure foundation for an organization looking to meet this type of challenge. IBM Power Systems built on the POWER9 processor were designed from the ground up to handle data-intensive workloads. This makes them ideal for supporting today’s constant deluge of data[2].

Increased productivity: When data is better managed and access is improved, the quality of the information generated increases. Power9 offers increased processing with an expected performance increase that is 1.5 times greater than prior generation servers[3]. Data access that is timely and accurate allowsknowledge workers to make better decisions, faster.

Enhanced security: The risks of corporate data security failures are well-known. The news is filled with stories on data breaches on an almost daily basis. The cost of these incidents to a company can be high – not just financially but also in terms of corporate reputation. Power9 servers deliver improved security due both to their underlying architecture as well as timely security updates, mitigating certain known vulnerabilities in select operating system environments.

Taking advantage of the latest technology can help businesses gain a competitive advantage and differentiate themselves. IBM Power Systems can accelerate insight, cut complexity and empower businesses to seize new opportunities faster. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build a roadmap that demonstrates the benefits to your business with IBM Power systems.