What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To When Welding 16mn Seamless Steel Pipes?

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The process of 16Mn seamless steel pipe processing is a more important step, and in many cases it is a series of complete steps. Because 16Mn seamless steel pipe is a useful type of steel, there are many production technologies that we need to master. One of the more important technologies is welding, because electric welding is indeed a difficult technical activity. It is generally necessary to pay attention to the relevant technology when it is time. The relevant technology and steps are stipulated as follows. We write it down for your reference only.


(1) Check whether the water, electricity, and gas are connected, and connect them as required, and they cannot be loosened. Water, electricity, and gas are all dangerous factors in the welding process of special-shaped pipes, so they must be checked before welding.

(2) Use related tools to clean the profile of the base material, that is, use a brush or sandpaper to completely cut the base material profile water, oil, oxides and other impurities to ensure the quality of welding.

(3) Pay attention to the cleaning of 16Mn seamless steel pipe welding work place, and avoid flammable and explosive materials, and adopt wind shelter methods.

(4) Really check whether the wiring of the welding machine meets the requirements. The quality of the wire is the most likely to cause chaos, so it must not be taken lightly.

(5)The pre-welding inspection of the 16Mn seamless steel pipe base metal is necessary because it is directly related to the welding result.

(6)The main welding layout should be cleaned by chemical cleaning. It can simply use acetone or caustic soda sulfuric acid to clean water, oil, high melting point oxide film, oxides and other contaminants.

Tips:The ASTM A500 specification covers cold-formed welded and seamless carbon steel tubing in round, square, rectangular, and “special” shapes for welded, riveted, or bolted construction applications, as well as for general structural purposes.